Posted by Toni - June 27th, 2016

City Dyatlovo – he is special! In it live hospitable, kind and sympathetic people. For external simplicity in this city hides a deep sense of life. The city is permeated with the spirit of history – from the Soviet authorities sealed medieval dungeons (yes, underneath the city has a maze), from the prosperous artisans, buried treasures, the remnants of ancient architectural structures, a special dialect, traces of many peoples (Balts, Slavs and Even the Swedes and Tatars) who lived in Dyatlovschiny and ending with the famous countryman (such as, for example, Chile's national hero – the scientist Ignat ), unique flora and fauna endemic to our land And many more than that And what we are heaven! Bright stars placer in the same way we smile, like smiling to the first people, breaking the very same stone ax that millennium later found in his yard, my neighbor Our history rich, and we all remember, but we love our city. Even scattered across the globe, we are in the sort of piece of their love for their land Come join us. Max Frye, in one of his books said that to understand the soul of the city to walk alone at night barefoot on his street and just smile at him


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