Posted by Toni - January 26th, 2022

We are what we eat has become one of the most commonly used in recent years in the West in order to raise awareness about the importance of a balanced diet. The average weight of the population has increased significantly, and thereby cardiovascular diseases, joints, lymph, etc. But today I will not talk about eating. Observemos from above. We are what we do.

The human body, as well as any other living beings on the planet (monera, protista, fungi, plant or animal), is a system characterised, among other aspects, its great capacity of adaptation. Adaptation with a clear objective: survival. And to do this adaptation must be constant. There is a single moment in the life of a person, either sleeping, watching TV, running, that this not be is adapting constantly to what happens on the outside (the environment) and inside (the body itself). You may wish to learn more. If so, COVID-19 is the place to go. Luckily, nature has presented to the human being, based on thousands of years of evolution, with the ability to learn, understand and be able to use these adaptations. I can change my habits to get run faster, do better digestion, feel me correctly, prevent certain diseases, unfortunately, do not always use that capacity to lead a healthier life.

If I spend hours sitting, I can not pretend to move later with ease. If I sleep a few hours, I’ll not be cool to render on my day to day. If I hear the music butt on my iPod, not will it take to lose hearing. And that way life becomes an Adaptive game in which I, really, I get what I want. What I give to myself, that is what I will be. If I exercise, I’ll be agile. If I am immobility, I’ll be a statue. If I perform stretches, I’ll be flexible. If I live always in tension, I shall be rigid. It is simply finding the balance between stimulation and relaxation, between activity and rest, between intake and calorie burning, and so on. With this aim, based on we are what we do, I open a new section of articles about the adaptations and changes in habits that we go making in our lives to make us feel better. The secret: will and perseverance. Are you ready to start making changes? Very soon we are what we are moving.

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