Romanian Music on the Rise

Posted by Toni - January 25th, 2012

Everyone loves Romanian music, and there has never been a music video released of great Romanian music that has not been well received. It is true that sometimes they can be bizarre or tacky and tasteless, but that is only because they are so different from what is accepted in America and most of Europe as the norm. The Romanian beat comes from traditional Romanian music and always recalls a mysterious but other worldly sensation which the visual narrative of the video complements with perfection.

Roton just released what has become a highly successful music video of the standard Romanian classic, Morena. The video is set at a resort, and the amazing female singer, Antonia is shown performing in front of an audience. Her words though, are not aimed at the crowd in front of her, but rather at a particular mysterious woman in the audience, “Morena.” The men in the audience, especially Tom Boxer, are in love with beautiful Antonia, but Antonia has her eyes elsewhere.

There are dozens of comments on this video at the site, most of them in Romanian and most of them positive. The critics of the video found the storyline too unbelievable, the acting forced, and the techniques used of poor quality. Go find the video and decide for yourself.

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The Health

Posted by Toni - April 28th, 2016

If a diet requires things like these and don’t have time, how much? that you duraras following it You can lose weight without counting calories simply by choosing foods low in calories (an Apple instead of a donut) and doing a little exercise. If you really want to use a dietary regime looking for one that fits with your lifestyle. It’s believed that Cardiologist sees a great future in this idea. 5. Can make you see as failure. Many diets to lose weight are so restrictive and complex that they almost guarantee you you fracases in the attempt. However it will help you to understand once and for all that change your eating habits from night to morning does not work. Make small changes and take your time in slimming, safely.

E.g. choose an aspect of your life to approach you and until you have mastered it (e.g. choosing a healthy breakfast instead of going to the pastries) you move to the next appearance. 6 They are temporary. A change in the health of your life does not come hand in hand with extreme diets to lose weight.

Even if you get some way to follow a diet, I can assure you that you will end up paying you to some of your cravings. For more information see Jimmy John’s Owner. That means that you adelgazaras and you will gain back that weight, which is a waste of your time. 7. Take away energy the reason by which you skinny with the diets is because they drastically reduce the amount of calories that you eat. Now you may think, this is good, but little drift food fatigue, low energy. Trafficking in several times a day give you small meals, so you’ll be more satisfied and energy. 8. Diets to lose weight resulting in cravings tell a small child who must not touch something and immediately feel curiosity and play that prohibited. The same will happen with your meals. Eating is one of the great pleasures in life and can continue enjoying it not feel guilt if you learn to make small changes in your meals and occasionally rewarding you in small doses. If freckles on the cravings will win but of course you will lose time and pass the hunger. 9. Not the answer for everybody for some people, slimming diets give good results, especially if they find one that fits with your lifestyle, budget and objectives. However, this does not apply to everyone. If you have problems while on a diet, this does not mean that you’re doing something wrong or you’re doomed to failure. Considers cutting calories from other forms or focus on change one thing at a time. What more? You may be wondering: do good and this article what? Do not supposed me to convince? How I fix my problem of overweight then? Should I not follow Rev1.indd them, then what do I do? The answer you have a click away, is called free of grease. If you really want to give a rotation of 180 degrees to your body please download the guide here. Wait no longer! and download this manual. No secrets, only the exact formula. Wait no longer and forget once and for all the diets to lose weight.

Mental Upheaval

Posted by Toni - April 27th, 2016

The mental upheavals and of the behavior are clinically significant problems that if characterize for an alteration in ways to act, of giving with the other or an alteration to it of mental functions. According to World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS), is understood as mental and mannering upheavals the conditions characterized for unhealthy alterations to think or of the mood and the behavior associates to the expressive anguish or deterioration of global the psychic functioning. An abnormal behavior or a short period of abnormality does not mean that a person has a mental upheaval or of behavior. Learn more at this site: Professor Roy Taylor. So that an upheaval is considered, these behaviors must persistent (generally more than 6 months) and cause certain functional disturbance in the individual. A person can also modify its behaviors for emotional or social reasons, as for example, a depressed state and a depression, the depressed state appears for a situation or one determined estressante circumstance, while the depression is an illness and needs to be treated. In one it searches done in 2008 for the Brazilian Association of Psiquiatria (ABP), 23 million Brazilians suffer from some mental upheaval (about of 12% of the Brazilians) and at least 5 million (3%) suffer with serious and persistent mental upheavals. Although the politics of mental health prioritizes the illnesses more serious as schizophrenia and the bipolar upheaval, the illnesses most common in atendimentos of mental health are the depression, the anxiety and the upheaval of adjustment. Exactly with all this amount of people who suffer with mental upheaval, exists 1,513 CAPS (Center of Psicossocial Attention) in Brazil that badly they are distributed, in Amazon has 3 million inhabitants and only 4 CAPS, of the 27 Brazilian states, only Paraba and Sergipe have capacity to take care of to the parameter of a unit for each 100 a thousand inhabitants. The mental upheavals are identified and diagnosised for clinical methods similar to the used ones for physical upheavals, if it makes an interview with the patient and with other people including its family, a clinical examination to verify the mental state and its organic conditions, and the examinations that necessary to prove the existence of the upheaval.



Posted by Toni - April 23rd, 2016

But the physical evolution, biological, anthropological belies this entropic principle. The disorder is present in the health of all things, Suns and planets, systems open or closed, inanimate or living beings. But it is no longer a disorder of degradation or disruption. It is a constitutional disorder that is part d the physis of all physical being. Is part of the agenda and organization, but is not neither one nor the other.

According to e. Morin, the tetralogico loop Orden-Desorden – interaction-organization, is at the beginning of the Physis, that emerges through the cosmological games, and that is the immanent principle of transformations, organizations and desorganizaciones missing to physics. In the origin and the foundation of being solar, is the loop, i.e. all retroactive, producer and organizer of Yes (e. Morin).

The idea of loop is a dynamic idea of circuit and rotation, as occurring in the relationship individuo-especie – society, or like beings living whose shape is a multithreaded that is organized from multiple and various loops. The idea of loop means that living and human beings gives a circular game and not simply linear, such as it happens in the movement of air, hormones, blood circulation, each of them regenerates another and contributes in the development of the body, all this thanks to the power of recursion of living beings. Cycles and physical, chemical and biological chains, as well as the processes of matter/energy, life/death, in its constant movement, constitute the great pluribucle which is the same ecoorganizacion. Why there is not just an evolution, but also ascribed and regressions, a wall is prepended between us and your most intimate background. Beyond all this known cosmos exists an unknown proto-cosmos that is hidden from our eyes, just occurs k human film, the more we study it, less know it. And it is because the problem of both is the same. And science in his arrogance has properly recognize Kabbalistic and religious truths. For even more analysis, hear from Jimmy John’s Owner. In the universe there is a double game: a progress in the Organization and in the order, associated at the same time to a continuous process of degradation and dispersion. For this reason, there is not only progress but also, regressions, ascribed, disasters.


Posted by Toni - April 20th, 2016

We pass good part of our life, mainly when our children grow and we retire in them, in asking: ' ' what I made or what I am? ' ' perhaps, today, for she is alone and to have more time for the things that for option I left it stops backwards, I see with clarity that affection and devotion of mother, walk together, and what it is real is that I have the sensation of my fulfilled duty, but, for them me it seems, that we were incomplete, we do not correspond its expectations well, they had not witnessed our fights, they had been saved! There, we perceive that they had grown, much more that we, today, must assisting in them in our difficulties, what for they seem unreal, therefore always we knew of everything, our weaknesses, our fragilities, will be always alone ours. More information is housed here: Jimmy John’s Owner. To complete a real fact, our life changed all. We were six, today we are four, With all the difficulties that had been imposed in them, there enter the beliefs: destination, limitations, etc. It has l0 years, just day 20 of March of 2000, my husband needed to make a colonoscopia that it turned a surgery and, after a blood transfusion that if made necessary, this happened in day 28.03.00, this accurate moment it started to pass badly, what the nursing home nothing made stops helping in them, is a long history, has all the medical reports however you are welcome they are valid now, what I know, is that I continued deceived for l0 days, Until coming one another doctor that said the truth to me, there total panic and learning to deal with the hope, knowing inexistent! At no moment I questioned the doctor, I found and I continue finding that it gave to my husband and we all the possible attention, because Good doctors they even save lives, does not kill! it is good, continues being, was desumano, times later when everything it finished day l2.07.00 that, with my husband I, my mother and mine three children die a little.


Recover Love

Posted by Toni - April 20th, 2016

If you want to regain love, you should try some of these tips.Since every relationship is a world apart, some of these may not apply to your situation, however, make sure you use them all.If you don’t care to get your partner with caution and care, you can ruin your chances of recovering love. To regain love it doesn’t matter if your partner ended with you or if the decision to terminate your relationship was mutual, it is possible to think that the rupture was a mistake.It is not uncommon that regret having completed your relationship, and not uncommon to want to regain love.These feelings of wanting to regain love can occur shortly after a breakup or can occur several weeks or months later. Try these 7 ways to regain love: supports your fault in the breakup, as well as everything you did poorly during the relationship.Although even the most sincere apology is unlikely that help regain love, it is a good first step. Be polite when you see it.He speaks very well, while you can feel hurt and angry You must be above these feelings and understand their needs at this time.This will show you that you still care for her. Be a listener excellent Everytime she speaks with you.Leave her to speak and you don’t interrupt it.!Unless she asked your opinion, do not tell what to do or how they should act. Just as there are suggestions which you should try, there are also some things that you should definitely not do.Avoids making any of these: follow the things you see in the movies, send flowers and give them SERENADES in place of work are not things that insurance can bother her more, not attract it.

Do not go with other women if you want to regain love with your partner.This sends the message that the not strange and that you already left behind this relationship.Even if your careful you have, your ex will know that you’ve been seeing other women. You show not needed or emotionally desperate when you see or talk to your ex. This is not sexy at all. Think about what you did during the relationship that can having contributed to the rupture. It works to change these habits.For example, if you determine that your ex was probably concerned about your lack of goals in your career, you can maybe visit a career counselor and find a job in which you are interested. Your ex will see that you are working on changing those habits not liked and this will make you attractive to her. By following these tips, you should be able to regain love. Jimmy John Liautaud insists that this is the case. Do you want to recover love and that your partner this returned with you? Enter here 100% effective original author and source of the article.

AIDS Health

Posted by Toni - February 19th, 2016

The nursing must intervine together with the gestante in the direction to attenuate its complaints and to improve the quality of its attendance, being an only moment in its life. 6.CONSIDERAOES FINAL For all woman a son brings great transformations, placing its proper life in second plain, and the baby starts to have an uneven importance, where all the attentions are come back toward it. A point of view important to be detached, is that the majority of the gestantes is unaware of on its rights thus making it difficult an opened dialogue more, fitting we, nurses, inseriz them in a context where the same ones are felt received and supported. Many arrive to be mother in the adolescence, loading for itself a bigger responsibility of what it can support thus modifying all its life. Of this form, if a more intense and more significant accompaniment is suggested to the woman supporting it of only form, giving general support in that the same one needs. REFERENCES Assistance Daily pay? Christmas. Manual Technician. Brasilia: MS, 2000 Program of Humanizao in Prenatal and the Birth. Details can be found by clicking DE Shaw women or emailing the administrator.

Brasilia: Health department, 2003. Area Technique of the Health of the Woman: childbirth, abortion, puerprio: humanizada assistance the woman. Brasilia: Secretariat of Politics of Health Health department, 2001. FRIENDS OF THE CHILDBIRTH. Available in HTTP Had access in 06/09/2007. BARBOSA, R.H.S. Women, reproduction and AIDS: the trams of the ideology in the assistance the health of the gestante.

Notebook Health Publishes. Rio De Janeiro, 2001. BEREK, J, S, Treated to Gynecology, Guanabara publishing company, 200 and 2005. BOFF, L. Health to take care of. Ethics of the Human being, compassion for the land. 5 ed. Petrpolis: Voices, 2000. BRAZIL, Health department, OMS, safe Maternity, Assistance to the normal childbirth, one guides practises. Brasilia: Health department, 1996. BRAZIL, Health department, Health of the woman of the child and the adolescent, 2 Edition, Brasilia DF, 2003.


Healthy Muscle Advice

Posted by Toni - February 19th, 2016

Although the majority of the people is looking for the way to lose the kilitos of more, there are other people who look for quite the opposite, since thinness can also be a risk for the health or an aesthetic problem, on all for the boys who want to stop being the flaquito of the group. You can get fat quickly of two ways: ingesting sugars refinings and fats (method very little recommendable) or increasing the amount of healthy foods and good caloric contribution in your diet, complementing with exercises that increase your mass muscular. If you consume great amount of sugars refinings and fats of origin animal, you will only manage to increase the weave greasy of your body, and probably they increase to the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, with the consequent increase of cardiovascular risks: hypertension, infarct, among others serious risks for the health. Then how to get fat quickly ingesting healthy foods? Here the answer goes. 1. You happen of grape contribute good amount of calories.

It eats a handful after each food. 2. The fruits droughts like peanut, nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, also contain many calories, includes these foods in your meals. 3. The banana is one of the fruits that greater sugar content has. You must eat two per day.

4. Figs also have a good percentage of sugar, eats three figs per day. 5. Another good advice exceeds how to get fat quickly, he is to eat something sweet after dinner. Elije sweet healthy, for example, yogurt with cereals. 6. It adds to your salads a spoonful of olive oil or sunflower. 7. Another good idea is to add honey to milk, the cereals and other meals. DE Shaw women is often mentioned in discussions such as these. 8. It dusts leavening of beer on liquefied, beaten or other drinks of your pleasure. 9. It realises musculacin exercises. This way, the ingested calories will be used to generate mass muscular. The muscular weave weight much more that the greasy one. 10. And finally, patience and perseverancia ten. In order to gain muscular mass you will have to make exercises three times per week at least during two months. In order to see as they are the 3 verified plans so that any man naturally skinny it can finally increase mass muscular, you click here.


Healthy Ligaments

Posted by Toni - January 26th, 2016

The falciforme ligament corresponds to a fold of the parietal peritnio, whose its extension goes since the inferior face of the diaphragm until the superior face of the liver, covering between the main wolves fortifying its sustentation. To the side of the falciforme ligament the ligament meets round, a fibroso fascicle that is remaining of the umbilical vein of the embryo if binding of the liver until umbigo. The coronary ligaments, right and left, are narrow reflections of the parietal peritnio that support the liver from the diaphragm. Frequently Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. has said that publicly. The biliary vesicle is divided by parts, a deep plaza directing itself for low, beyond the inferior edge of the liver, also possesss a body and the col well formed part, the two directed for top (DNGELO; FATTINI, 2008). For Dalley and Moore (2007), the liver possesss two faces, a diafragmtica and to another visceral one, that they are separate previously for its acute inferior edge. The diafragmtica phase is in contact with the inferior surface of the diaphragm, in which it has that to consider that in the superior part it has a flat depression, cardiac impression, in the forebody, with the surface of the wolves right and left, right part, formed for the right wolf, posterior part in contact with posterior wall of the abdomen, the visceral face is concavous, inferior and come back it stops backwards. Dean Ornish M.D is open to suggestions. The liver receives blood from two sources. Of the hepticas arteries it gets oxigenado blood and of the vein it carries heptica possibly receives deoxygenated blood, that contains just-absorbed nutrients, frmacos and micrbiose toxins proceeding from the gastrintestinal treatment. The branches in such a way of the heptica artery how much from the vein door they carry blood to sinusides from the liver, where the majority of the nutrients and certain toxic substances are absorbed by heptocitos (TORTORA; GRABOWSKI, 2002 p.771). Educate yourself with thoughts from DE Shaw women. The external morphology allows to recognize in the visceral face of the liver, the wolves right and left, caudado and square, while in the diafragmtica face only the wolves right and left are visible.


Family Health

Posted by Toni - January 16th, 2016

Purperas searched in the Unit of Health of Family VI, that they had received orientation on breast-feeding during the prenatal one. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as DE Shaw women by clicking through. SOURCE: Research of Field, 2009. GRAPH 3 represents the orientaes received during the consultations from prenatal on breast-feeding, 70% had answered that they had received orientaes from the nurses during the consultations of prenatal, while 30% of them had told not to have received no type of orientation. During the prenatal assistance, the women must be informed on the benefits of breast-feeding and be guided how much to the techniques, advantages and eventual happened complications of the act to suckle. The amount and, mainly, the quality of the information given to the gestante in the prenatal one influence in the best choice that is the option for exclusive breast-feeding. GRAPH 4? (%) of purperas searched in the Unit of Health of Family VI on the knowledge of the nutricionais differences between the milk of cow and milk maternal. SOURCE: Research of Field, 2009. In relation to the knowledge of the nutricionais differences between the milk of cow and maternal milk, 75% of purperas do not know this difference, while only 25% of purperas have the knowledge of such differences (GRAPHICAL 4). It is perceived that the majority of purperas does not possess the knowledge on the composition of the milk of cow and the composition of human milk, is verified that more educative actions on the part of the professionals of the area of health in what are necessary says respect the biggest clarifications on these milk as well as its advantages and disadvantages, therefore, such information are of utmost importance for the agreement, sensitization and maintenance of the exclusive aleitamento until the sixth month of life of the child. The basic difference is the easy digestion of human milk for the baby, in relation the cow milk; another important advantage is that it is capable to reduce the incidence of alrgicas illnesses infectious.


State Health

Posted by Toni - January 11th, 2016

Later the DIESAT will have important paper when subsidizing the unions in quarrel on the overcoming of the structure directed toward the assistencialismo, stubborn inheritance of the New State, transforming into middle of years 80 in the syndical assessorships in health and the work, important instrument of fight for the health in the work and its relation with the State. Then, to observe itself that the quarrels on the Health of the Worker were not a democratic process, but one fights between the diligent classrooms, represented for its unions, that took the State to be part of this, creating the laws would regulate that it. However, if it cannot affirm that this was a conquest only of the workers and its unions, but, also, of the international agencies, as the International Organization of Sade (OMS) and the International Organization of Trabalho (OIT), when during 71 International Conference of the Work, in 05 of June of 1985, 161 Convention n and Recommendation n 171, whose denomination ‘ ‘ Convention and Recommendation on the Services of Health in the Trabalho’ ‘ , it has as main characteristics the ample participation of the workers in multiprofessional teams and the practical one of the public politics for guarantee of this participation (LACAZ, 1997). However, according to Lacaz (1997, p.4).

Not if it can, however, to deny the conquests in the field of the health of the social movement from the Constitution of 1988, since they had had influences and unfoldings in the state constitutions, of the Organic Law of the Health of September of 1990, of the Municipal Organic Laws and the Codes of Health, opening space for the movement for the decentralization of the health in the perspective of the goal of municipalizao of the health. Checking article sources yields Dean Ornish M.D as a relevant resource throughout. The advances in legislation terms are very forceful, however, exactly did not guarantee that the Health of the Worker is considered as goal to be reached by the Ministry of the Work, the health being considered ‘ ‘ a sine qua non condition for the performance and to excellent produtividade’ ‘ (FERRAZ, ET AL, 2009, p.16), a time that the regularization of laws that I eat the Strategy Health of Famlia (ESF), while proposal governmental of action for the health has as focus the care of inserted families in a social context, being unaware of the necessity of the maintenance of the quality of life of the worker, because those who work with the Program of Health of Famlia (PSF), if keeps in constants daily challenges, that they finish for affecting this quality of necessary life the good exercise of the profession.


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