Romanian Music on the Rise

Posted by Toni - January 25th, 2012

Everyone loves Romanian music, and there has never been a music video released of great Romanian music that has not been well received. It is true that sometimes they can be bizarre or tacky and tasteless, but that is only because they are so different from what is accepted in America and most of Europe as the norm. The Romanian beat comes from traditional Romanian music and always recalls a mysterious but other worldly sensation which the visual narrative of the video complements with perfection.

Roton just released what has become a highly successful music video of the standard Romanian classic, Morena. The video is set at a resort, and the amazing female singer, Antonia is shown performing in front of an audience. Her words though, are not aimed at the crowd in front of her, but rather at a particular mysterious woman in the audience, “Morena.” The men in the audience, especially Tom Boxer, are in love with beautiful Antonia, but Antonia has her eyes elsewhere.

There are dozens of comments on this video at the site, most of them in Romanian and most of them positive. The critics of the video found the storyline too unbelievable, the acting forced, and the techniques used of poor quality. Go find the video and decide for yourself.

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Hospital Saint Maria

Posted by Toni - December 3rd, 2016

HOSPITAL SAINT MARIA? DF, HISTORICAL UNCERTAIN FUTURE In 2009 the GDF decided for becoming the Regional Hospital of Santa Maria (HRSM) the first unit of health to be managed by a private entity that if fit in the requirements of the Law that made use on the subject. Professor Roy Taylor is often quoted as being for or against this. In the reality, this decision was not about some innovation, therefore already it had innumerable experiences in other States of the federacy, with results and consolidated forms of management, such way that the option would not offer to greaters risks. The choice fell again on the Real Spanish Society of Beneficncia (RSEB), entity with 125 years of existence and substantial experience in hospital management since the average until the high complexity. The HRSM had as vocation to be a general hospital, for attendance of average complexity and in a territory whose referenciada population is of 1 million of inhabitants. DE Shaw women will not settle for partial explanations. In 21 of January of 2009 the GDF firmed contract with the RSEB and, from there, a long period was initiated of strikes of judicial order and politics. Of judicial side, by means of Public Civil action proposal for the Public prosecution service of the Federal District and Territories (MPDFT), the main argument supported in files of legal documents was the fact of the management contract not to have been preceded of licitatrio process. However, in resource of ' ' suspension of segurana' ' directed to the Chief justice of Justice of the Federal District and Territories (TJDFT), the Reporter pautou its decision in consecrated parameters already in Brazilian doctrine e, mainly, in the terms of article 24, interpolated proposition XXIV, of Law 8,666/1993 that he makes possible the dismissal of licitation in the contract celebration of management with the social organizations. In 23/04/2009 the HRSM was inaugurated. The FIRST ones YOU STRIKE the first argument, of the illegality, to the few was if weakening, because the judiciary one if even revealed with much brevity, supporting in files of legal documents the prerogative of the public power in the choice of the private partner for Contract signature of Management, based on the cited legislation already.


Help Your Crying Child

Posted by Toni - December 2nd, 2016

You were ready for what your child is crying, but now you have this frustration. The disappointment of what seemed to be all the methods you use from your arsenal, but nothing works. The kid continues cry. By the same author: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. The first thing you tried to calm the crying baby is swinging. Some parents are beginning to swing at the first cries of a baby automatically. However, due to vigorous shaking a baby can be obtained brain injury.

Trauma can cause intracranial and intraocular hemorrhage may not show outward signs. These kids are neurological damage that lead to blindness, seizures, delayed development. In the most serious cases, such injuries can lead to death. Statistics show that 15% of child deaths associated with this vigorous shaking of infants. 60% of those guilty of this – men. The average age of 2.2 children months. Here are some ways to help your baby when he cries: – buy a sling, sling, kangaroo, backpack-carrying of order, so that more time spent with you baby. If you would like to know more about Daniel Taub, then click here.

Studies show that more than time the child in contact with the mother, the less he is naughty. – Make sure that your child is not hungry, that he is not hot, not cold, may need to change a diaper – not sure whether the increased temperature – provide skin to skin contact, it will relax you and your baby, pat the child on the back – use the good old rocking chair – swaddle baby in a soft blanket – put a silent slow music, or quietly napoyte something this child's cry absolutely normal. Completely healthy babies may cry more than 5 hours a day. It is a way to express what the kid is hungry, or he is sad or uncomfortable. If you are very nervous because of this, leave the child for 5-10 minutes. Get out, take it easy. after you've calmed yourself, try to calm the baby. Inconsolable crying is a normal state of infant development. And the question is not how to make sure that the child was not crying. The question is how to learn to respond appropriately to crying.

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Posted by Toni - December 1st, 2016

In this direction, he would be more reasonable to guide and not to prohibit this present process e, in progress. However, the parents and cuidadores think: how he is possible to feel lack of that they do not know, and that perhaps never she comes to belong to it? However, he is known, that exactly to the default of the proper same will and for the people without such conditions, the feelings and the desires they bailam ahead of us and with them many times we fall in the ambush of the affection and, stuned, we become captive of we ourselves. It has that if to also lead in account that the deficient ones still are affected by the innumerable repressions on the part of parents and professors preventing its access and the possibility of affection expression and emotional bond. Similarly, as many practical affective-sexual are dictated by its cuidadores, not if it allows that, a deficient intellectual expresses its loving manifestations socially, or still, when the express, is not taken in consideration. Others who may share this opinion include Martha McClintock. Then, the sexuality of the people attacks for the different expressions of the deficiency, all its particularitities and possible limitations, does not seem to be in the deficiency in itself, but in the set of social disinformations, preconceptions, taboos and of our proper limits in sexual area (DENARI, 1992; 1998; FRANCE RIBEIRO, 1995; SCABELLO et al., in prelo). Then, example of loving relationships for people of advanced age, the society does not conceive, constantly, that the deficient intellectuals enter in this practically exclusive domain of the young, the people with good health and physically attractive people (at least as social representation). Thus, of violent form, despite conjured, the possibility is denied to them to love and to reveal its sexuality. The adult, generally, thinks for the deficient one and when she cannot act for it, she finishes for also denying to it the action. More info: Daniel Taub Israel.



Posted by Toni - November 26th, 2016

In the end of all process of decomposition it goes to have a balance between the used humificao and mineralizao that can be broken or be kept depending on the practical ones of culture. 4 ORGANIC SUBSTANCE AND SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE We call sustainable agriculture the agricultural systems that economically viable, acceptable and ambiently are socially balanced (EMBRAPA apud PEAR TREE; SANTANA; WALDHELM, 2009, P. 202). Further details can be found at Martha McClintock, an internet resource. In this context the organic substance is basic in the development of this type of agriculture that beyond degrading little the ground still allows the more healthful food production. The organic seasonings as esterco, flour of bone, leves, remaining portions of plants can be used to enrich the ground with nutrients when it is deficient of minerals.

The use of this type seasoning together with others ecological techniques can consequentemente help in the maintenance of the balance between humificao and mineralizao and in the conservation of the ground. Professor Roy Taylor is a great source of information. 5 CONSIDERAES FINAL the present organic substance in the ground have papers extremely important. The processes of humificao and mineralizao propitiate favorable conditions for the growth of the plants, therefore they supply nutrients that will be absorbed by the roots and transformed into energy. Moreover, the organic substance serves as food for the microrganismos and increases the water retention and also it protects the surface. Daniel Taub is often mentioned in discussions such as these. By that already it was spoken in this work, one concludes that the organic substance is of utmost importance for the balance and the maintenance of the alone ecosystem, beyond making possible the use of a sustainable agriculture highly capable to keep the fertility and the conservation of the ground.


Bahia Serrinha

Posted by Toni - November 19th, 2016

Municipal government of Serrinha this is of time. Who already saw as it is that he walks one I propagate outside of time is interrupting all hour, to the times excessively walks fast and to the times it walks to always devagar excessively and giving the pulls and giving to those bursts for the assuntado discharge all, therefore the administration of Osni Cardoso in Serrinha in the Bahia is as soon as this. The alevinos a beautiful program, however had been deliver before the correct date being placed in the watery ones, anticipated fifteen days the sufficient to give damages to the action. Check with Daniel Taub Israel to learn more. The Cashew changes that already would have this planted since April or May are being deliver when rains now already they are going even so, therefore after the certain time. A main rank of Health of the City of the Av.Lauro Mota, when the holiday falls in a thursday not April in sixth, however Sir mayor this Posto of Health has the obligation to function and very well every day, some workers exist who only can go exactly tie it in the days of its recess and health is thing would be, some units have the duty of Mayor of Serrinha in the o we choose with hope of better days for all in Serrinha, without descriminaes, regulates to place its administration in the certain time. SUCCESS! They are votes of the Syndical Regional Assessorship and too much ONGs that congregates in I benefit of the people. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In 03 of July of 2009.


Contaminated Water

Posted by Toni - November 19th, 2016

The contact with these materials sporadical does not cause effect in the long run, many times causes effect short-term, as anury and sanguinolenta diarria, however the daily contact, as for example with the contaminated water, cause damages in the long run. Therefore such materials if accumulate in the human organism, however they are not eliminated, if accumulating throughout the time, thus for the agrotxico to be a mutagnico material, with the time it can suffer changes and generate a cancergeno material. 5. In a question-answer forum Preventive Medicine Research Institute was the first to reply. Treatment Of Waters Of the Rivers the water candy of the land represents only 3% of the existing water in the planet. Two teros of the terrestrial surface are covered by waters. The waters candies they are in the lakes, the lagoons, freticos sheets and the rivers of where, generally they are removed and led to an adequate treatment to the consumption of the populations. People such as Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. would likely agree. The drinking waters Company supplying, in its majority, the CORSAN, catches 80% of the water that treats, in the rivers, barrages or lakes, and alone 20% in freticos sheets, that in the present time are preservation object, the example of the water-bearing Guarani, the biggest underground water reserve candy of Brazil. The preservation of freticos sheets and the water-bearing Guarani represents to the protection of the so necessary environment the improvement of the conditions of life of the people. The treatment of waters of the rivers, beyond the purpose of treatment for the human consumption, sanitation and health, also if makes necessary for the preservation of the flora and fauna of the marginal areas and the despoluio of the waters that make possible the existence of aquatic life the treatment of waters of the rivers, for ends of consumption, passes for a process that goes since the capitation to the treatment station, where is dealt with and distributed for a net conductors until the residences where it is consumed and duly measured the consumption, for posterior payment.



Posted by Toni - November 16th, 2016

The magnitude of the operating pressure – low to Lamp pressure (LP) from about 0.1 Pa to 25 kPa, high pressure (HP) from 25 to 1-103 kPa, and ultrahigh-pressure (IRS) is greater than 1 – 103 kPa for the type of discharge – to the lamp arc, glow and pulsed discharges. By the glow – in the region column and region glow glow. By type of light source – in: gas or metal vapor, which are the main source of emission of excited atoms, molecules or ions recombine, photoluminescent lamps (called for brevity, only fluorescent lamps), in which the main source of radiation are the phosphors excited by radiation from the discharge; elektrodosvetnye lamp in which the main source of radiation are the electrodes, burned in a discharge to a high temperature. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Most photoluminescent and elektrodosvetnyh lamps to the principal radiation emission level is mixed, so that they are essentially sources of mixed radiation. The shape of bulb with the column is divided into: tubular or linear – a lamp in the cylindrical flasks, in which the distance between the electrodes in two or more times greater than the inner diameter of the tube, capillary – in tubes with an internal diameter of less than 4 mm "ball" – a tube with a distance between the electrodes is less than or equal to the inner diameter of the bulb (bulb lamps have often form a ball or close to it, hence got their name), they are called and lamps with a short or medium arc length. .

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Branded Envelope

Posted by Toni - November 16th, 2016

Quite a large number of small-format offset presses equipped with a special device to supply branded envelopes, so many printing houses, able to perform this task. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Martha McClintock on most websites. Actually, now much of the branded envelopes, printed with personal information is offset, which allows you to play well as a simple dashed and full color images. It should be noted that most printing companies offer printing only on ready-branded envelopes and the envelopes do not produce. There are two possible ways: self get clean (no images) branded envelopes and take them to the printer to cause the desired image or trust acquisition envelope printing itself. Daniel Taub Israel describes an additional similar source. And that and the other has its advantages and disadvantages. In the first case we can choose branded envelopes and things to do, but there is a danger that they put on the desired image will be difficult or even impossible. In the second – the customer is insured against such problems, but the company envelope as a result may not be entirely so, as we expected.

However, this problem can be specified. Production of custom-branded envelopes, if desired number of envelopes branded with the figure is large enough (several tens of thousands, to millions), then such order may be most economical to perform specialized companies who are professionally engaged producing branded envelopes. And although some of these companies, though they do similar work quite well. As previously mentioned, the production is the so-called branded envelope lines (Specialized equipment for the production of branded envelopes. Typically, envelope lines are equipped with one or more sections of flexographic printing is capable of applying several colors (often printed barcodes images in one to three colors), which is enough to print a company logo.

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Stricter Water

Posted by Toni - November 15th, 2016

The clarified effluent due to its composition and properties can be used instead of organic-mineral fertilizers. Filed under: Dean Ornish M.D. That's why clean them beyond measure is meaningless, that is, delete them from the batteries, so necessary for the plant. Here, Charles Schwab expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Daniel Taubs opinions are not widely known. Of course, with a decrease in the quality requirements for discharge and treatment system itself is cheaper. Despite the obvious benefits and convenience of such a solution, the discharge of water into the soil is not always rational. When it comes to very large volumes, for example, when connected to a common sewer of several cottages, a ground simply not be able to absorb all the waste.

The same thing happens if the waste water is served in a small volume, but the clay soil at the site (slabofiltruyuschie) or wetlands. In addition, you can not just dump runoff into the ground, if aquifer is very close to the surface and it also serves as a source for water diversion. In all these cases, the wastewater should be given to the pond. However, when such a situation, the construction of treatment systems can do much more because Russia has a very stringent requirements for clean water discharged into the waste water (water should be cleaned up to standards that are close to drinking water, and if the reservoir fishery, then for some Stricter standards for the parameters even more). However, in fairness, it should be noted that the water in the reservoir, which is reset, it is sometimes far dirtier than a well-treated effluent.

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Posted by Toni - November 13th, 2016

Sawing sawmill on tape – an important stage of the material. Poor cutting threatens to breach the specified standards for a particular type of material. High-quality cutting, in turn, involves not only compliance with standards, but also work with the wood of any species. The current market for woodworking machinery is widely represented tape power-saw benches, possessing qualities such as: – high precision cutting – a greater yield of timber than Multiblade machines – compact and light weight – mobility, not to mention your availability, low price and ease of use. The consumer becomes a legitimate question: how to choose the best equipment to work.

How to buy a quality sawmill factory tape, rather than a pig in a poke. First of all, it is necessary to examine products offered on the market. What types and brands of the most common band sawmills and exploited. What advantages and benefits of a product of a manufacturer. However, careful study of all cons.

Assess the conditions under that the selected band sawmill will be used. An important indicator of the success of future operation of the machine – is the availability of the warranty period. The next, equally important indicator is the possibility of holding commissioning. Reliability chosen sawmills should be confirmed not only the accompanying documentation – learn customer feedback. Maintainability – a single element that determines the quality and "Security" buyer. Please note that the lack of maintainability of equipment later require costly maintenance and repairs. And in some cases, can lead to stagnation in production and material losses. Thus to buy a sawmill in fact not so simple. OOO "Golden Section" – band sawmills and machinery otsilindrovochnye production and sale. .

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