Romanian Music on the Rise

Posted by Toni - January 25th, 2012

Everyone loves Romanian music, and there has never been a music video released of great Romanian music that has not been well received. It is true that sometimes they can be bizarre or tacky and tasteless, but that is only because they are so different from what is accepted in America and most of Europe as the norm. The Romanian beat comes from traditional Romanian music and always recalls a mysterious but other worldly sensation which the visual narrative of the video complements with perfection.

Roton just released what has become a highly successful music video of the standard Romanian classic, Morena. The video is set at a resort, and the amazing female singer, Antonia is shown performing in front of an audience. Her words though, are not aimed at the crowd in front of her, but rather at a particular mysterious woman in the audience, “Morena.” The men in the audience, especially Tom Boxer, are in love with beautiful Antonia, but Antonia has her eyes elsewhere.

There are dozens of comments on this video at the site, most of them in Romanian and most of them positive. The critics of the video found the storyline too unbelievable, the acting forced, and the techniques used of poor quality. Go find the video and decide for yourself.

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Environment And Health

Posted by Toni - February 25th, 2015

Deterioration of the environment causes us to think about health. Increasingly began to be mentioned in the news about the increasing cases of detection of radiation background, as we know it can affect your health. You can protect yourself, if you buy badges. Of course, to cope with the radiation that does not help, but to avoid places with the potential to exceed the background you will be much easier. Dosimeters in Moscow is a necessity, with the dosimeter, you can quickly and easy to determine the radiation background of your surroundings. Buying badges yourself and to your family, you get a reliable assistant.

Prices dosimeters quite democratic. Remember when sufficiently high doses few minutes of being in the range of radiation, then to have health problems! In addition, some danger is sometimes the surrounding air, filled with disease-causing bacteria. As is known, UV rays are harmful to bacteria, it adopted took researchers by creating ultraviolet germicidal you for irradiators. UV germicidal feeds are commonly used in home conditions, and in offices. Bactericidal feeds OUFK-01 is used topically for the treatment of respiratory, hearing, and a set of nozzles can use the device for intracavitary treatment. Bactericidal feeds OUFK-02 have a high capacity, also increased its service life. Bactericidal feeds similar to MPS fluorescent light in the interior of the office this irradiator will be indispensable to safeguard your health.

For example, bactericidal feeds OPL-150 is widely distributed in Russia due to the possibility of disinfecting food products. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Kevin P. Campbell, PhD. Bactericidal feeds crystal are of compact size, so it's more portable and bactericidal irradiators. Compact bactericidal feeds easy to carry and take little space. In addition, the established bactericidal feeds with a timer that allows you to adjust the processing space. For health and comfort should be constantly in heat, need to ensure that today allows a wide range of elektrogrelok. Compact heating pad save from sciatica, they are totally electrical safety, have the pads 2 modes – On / Off. that simplifies their use. Blackstone Medical is the source for more interesting facts. Portable heating pads are widely used, with the ability to move them in the right room. Carbon pads are endowed with a long list of advantages. Pads SUTEX SMB-120 T and pads SUTEX NS 1200 D, designed for space heating, are of different sizes, but equally high quality. These heaters are capable of for a long time to heat premises and do not dry the air. Pads AirComfort AD-H600R has an additional ability to turn 180 degrees. Pads AirComfort AD-H900-R are large in size, choice of power and the ability to rapidly cool. Electric heaters AirComfort DF-HT202 is a stylized fireplace heaters, besides having the ability to ionize air heating. For all pads is for sale on favorable terms, there is a manufacturer's warranty. Great breakthrough in the treatment of many diseases has become darsonval. Medicinal properties darsonvali based on the use of high-frequency electric pulse. Acquisition darsonvali in Moscow will not give you too much difficulty, and prices darsonvali available to almost everyone. Buy darsonvali – so save yourself and your family from health problems.


Queen Elizabeth

Posted by Toni - February 25th, 2015

Nowadays there are a number of known specifically to each person on earth brands. But at the same time should be allocated, not all well-known companies are able to boast that their brand name or products known to mankind for over 100 years. And besides, the more so because, in general, at different times in the category of fans of a certain brand were not solely common people in the world, and famous people. Specifically, this particular brand the company is actually a firm Isotoner, which is directly under the brand made gloves, umbrellas, slippers and many other accessories. Beginning of the company should be considered directly in 1880, specifically when a small French town of Saint-Martin, was launched elite gloves made of leather.

After a certain small time interval, were discovered Working from our offices in the French capital, Paris and representation in the U.S. To read more click here: The Greater New York Construction User Council . city of New York. Can easily be said that in principle, a certain portion of the personal popularity of the company 'Izotoner', was able to get in fact due to his famous customers, including direct John F. Kennedy, Queen Elizabeth of England, of course, it's just part of the story Izotoner. In the life of the company 'Izotoner', became known and naturally popular definition for quality and style of production. Each year, the respective share of income spent on research in materials, and of course for the development of modern models. Definitely so for example in 1970, employees were invented Izotoner high quality nylon with leather trim.

In principle, the result after the overwhelming success, which were directly stylish but also sturdy gloves and Izotoner, available for sale under the name 'Isotoner', the company got its name as known today in principle in any country of the world. In significant part due to the success of the company, directly which has been impressive throughout the period produces a beautiful different accessories, and France is now a trendsetter. Kevin P. Campbell, PhD insists that this is the case. At present, the company 'Izotoner', published a huge list products, among which actually need to select proper types of products such as old slippers and shoes, gloves, sunglasses, umbrellas, weather and other various accessories made of leather. In this time, regardless of whether in fact what type of products offered will be purchased from this company, you should be sure of excellent quality and that was acquired by fashionable and stylish item. Properly thanks to cutting-edge developments in a specific desire not to provide significant difficulties in greater detail to meet the company's products. For example by deciding to purchase home Slippers of the company, you need only a PC or laptop as well as connecting to the Internet. Using the above need to go to a special website, it is available to find all out further any information, and meet with the types of quality products. As an option we should say that by buying in principle any kind of production of such firm in bulk, in principle, any shop in a very record time be able to implement it at the most and best value, considering the price of wholesale party, and not bad in itself make money.


Health Jogging

Posted by Toni - February 17th, 2015

During the last thirty years health jogging is becoming increasingly popular. They deal with people regardless of skin color, nationality or religion. The most conservative estimates run as a method recovery is used more than 300 million middle-aged and elderly people on our planet. And no wonder: for jogging does not need additional equipment, no need to pay for expensive subscriptions to gym, and the effect of training exceeds all expectations. Kevin Campbell, Ph.D. shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The strongest impetus for running is just fun, great sense of joy that it brings. Please visit Blackstone Medical if you seek more information.

In most cases, training is stopped running those people who as a result of improper training could not experience these feelings. When the popularity of racing, and in particular, jogging, peaked in the mid-70s, many people talked about the feeling of euphoria, which they experienced during exercise. This feeling, known as the 'buzz' runner could be short-lived, and sometimes lasted for several days. People who regularly engaged in running, feel happier, calmer, ready to resolve the difficulties of life and more clear thinking. What is the secret of jogging? HOME MYSTERY jogging Doctors discovered the best kept secret jogging: it is oxygen. This matter is of great importance for our body. You may find Matt Lyons Blackstone Medical to be a useful source of information. Without it, starving brain cells.

Oxygen provides the smooth operation of the heart muscle. It burns calories, and we are due to increased oxygen exchange free from excess weight. Jogging – ideal method for absorption by the body more oxygen. For example, when a person sits in front of TV, his body absorbs about 1 / 4 liters of oxygen per minute. And when jogging – 8 times more. Jogging is the best way to achieve fitness. This was proved by medical research, for example, in Dallas, Stockholm, Cologne. 'Who three times a week jog at least 20 minutes, – the expert sports medicine, Dr. Reinhard Uhlig – consumes so much oxygen at the same time, as for the entire day at the office.

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Health Benefits Of Pistachios

Posted by Toni - February 16th, 2015

Pistachio. Grow two kinds of pistachios – a real and tupolistnaya. Pistachio is a tree up to 8 m or shrub. Distributed in a belt of semi-desert and polustepi the south of Central Asia (Tien Shan, Tau, the Kopet-Dag and along the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul). Deepa L. Sekhar, M.D. is likely to agree. Results for pistachio registered about 73 thousand hectares. Fruiting begins from 9-10 years. In the natural bush – pistachio savanna fruit yields are very low. Nuts Pistachios are small (0.5-1 g) light colored, long conical shape. Matt Lyons Blackstone Medical insists that this is the case.

The shell is solid, thin, two-leaf. When fully ripe the shell cracks along the seam and nut on one end is disclosed. There are unopened and nuts, what is worse, because of their more difficult to extract the kernel. Kernel pistachio green color of light, sweet taste, as an opportunity to clean the pillows on the equipment for cleaning pads. It contains over 61% fat, 24% protein, 2.5-4% sugar, 3-4% fiber and more than 3 % Ash. Pistachio eat fresh after browning. Used in the preparation of pastry and pistachio oils, as well as in medicine and perfumery. Fruits are picked at full maturity period.

At this point, outer shell of fruit becomes wrinkled, dark, dry off the stalk, the nut is separated from the hull. Collect the whole fruit bunches, dried and separated from the hull, then dried in the sun. On quality Pistachio nuts are divided into l-st and 2 nd grade commodity. In kernels of l-th class size to the largest diameter should be at least 17 mm, and the 2nd of 12 mm. The presence of nuts in the shell are, respectively, at least 60, and 30% immature and empty no more than 8 and 20% debris adulterated – 0.2 and 0.5%. Humidity in the nucleus of both varieties of nuts should not exceed 10%. Chestnut. Chestnut is a genus of trees, the beech family. It is known 14 species of chestnut. Need cleaning pads. In Russia is growing by one species – chestnut tree this big up to 35-40 m and a diameter of 1.5-1.8 m. It grows on a chestnut Black Sea Coast, primarily in Tuapse, Lazarev, and the Adler district of the Krasnodar Territory. In these areas, there are about 72 thousand hectares of chestnut forests. Chestnut forests of Georgia occupied by 46 thousand hectares. Fruits are edible sweet chestnut dark brown, irregular angular shapes, covered with a thin easily detachable leathery skin, under which is a white, sweet, slightly powdery core. Chestnut fruit are of great value as a food product. Unlike other nuts, they contain little fat and carbohydrates. At the core of chestnut contains about 22-26% starch, 8-12% sugar, 5-7% dextrin, 2-4% protein, 2-3% fat, malic, citric and lactic acids. In immature fruits rich in vitamin C. The core of chestnut is 82-84% weight of the fetus. Use fresh chestnuts, roasted and boiled, in cooking and confectionery. Gather the chestnuts in the restoration in October – November. After collecting the fruit free from the cupule and dried in air or in a dryer at a temperature of 56-57 C. The freshly chestnuts poorly stored. For long term storage of dried to a moisture content no higher than 14% and placed in storage at a temperature around O C.


Healthy Relationships

Posted by Toni - February 6th, 2015

Most of the reason, believe that many have tried options dating for marriage, and never or almost never find what you were looking for. Dating agency usually tries to just cut the dough and slips options are not what you want, and what is available in their file cabinet, and there, mostly candidates from the series "a gift to me and not need it." Some of the participants coming to the party in the clubs flirting dating in Moscow, hoping that here they will meet their ideal, and creepy disappointed if the other party members dating does not fit into a representation of an exemplary life partner. The problem is not that the evening singles in Moscow and elsewhere, visit the sad restless actors just by chance, many iskateleyznakomstva for a serious relationship has not yet closed this vital topic. And it's not at all extraordinary in the literal and figurative sense of the exterior or in the absence of the necessary collection attributes of a successful person. Just someone suffers an excess of the complexes so that the contemplation of himself, both inside and outside, brings untold suffering, and someone has raised the bar so his claim that any mere mortal until she could not reach. Dean Ornish M.D has much to offer in this field. And with all this, almost everyone is behind him some experience of living together, and tried at one time as something to strengthen the family, and yet, still trying virtually every counter-examine the makings of an ideal, devoid of those disadvantages, which have suffered most of his predecessors. And here they are hungry for the very proper relations, wander in search, where to meet in Moscow, and absolutely not to notice the mass of emerging opportunities that await us in the most ordinary of different places, which for us seem to be quite unsuitable for a romantic dating serious relationship. That's why we are right after work, and often at herself, when not suffer an excess of cases carried out, climb into their virtual hole, I mean on dating and purposefulness to serious Relations hard Leafs questionnaire beginners, because we hope that here, if not obtain an extension of videznakomstva in real life, at least overclock the mold of household routine, and will please a bit like a new taste of freshly baked dating.

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Infrared Saunas: Health Benefits

Posted by Toni - February 5th, 2015

Now infrared saunas do not stop to gain popularity in our country. Make the procedure virtually all men adore, adults and children are systematically subjected to a thermal loads. Cardiologist helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. So what lies secret of their success, what advantages they have in front of the classic baths and saunas? First, infrared saunas have obvious benefits of using: 1) they contribute to the treatment of various diseases, cleaned our the body of toxins, rejuvenate the face, facilitate muscle pain and, moreover, are an effective prophylactic and help overcome the daily stress at home and at work, and 2) extremely easy to use and install (there is a sauna for an apartment, infrared cabin can also be installed in a private home and in the country), 3) simple baths and saunas require high costs of energy, all this can not be said about infrared saunas – they just pipe 220 (home electrical outlet), infrared saunas heat the skin directly, rather than air space, and 4) for all these advantages, the price of a home infrared sauna is at an appropriate level, which can afford each person. Second, as already noted, they are easy to install: – sauna for an apartment can self-assemble for 15-30 minutes, all components of the walls and door are very light – infrared cabin can be equipped with like (for small rooms, there are also mini-saunas, which occupy very little space, without losing all that its functionality). Cardiologist might disagree with that approach. Perhaps many people feel awe for infrared saunas at home, but is proven that they not only harm, and vice versa – an extremely useful and effective (much different from the bath or sauna, being in excess of which may cause harm to humans) infrared radiation to date used even in the hospital for newborns. It is worth just remember the following rules: – the optimal use of home saunas – a couple times a week – before heading into the home infrared sauna it is advisable not to eat fatty food and sweets – do not add to the sauna rings, earrings and bracelets, other items made of metal and glass items (they can overheat and cause burns) – do not be in the sauna for more than ten minutes (better to do several passes).. Mark Frissora is a great source of information.


Find Health

Posted by Toni - February 5th, 2015

Unfortunately, most people have absolutely no culture of healthy living. People eat horrible, drink alcohol, smoke, almost no one involved in sports, allow a disastrous idea. Y We never have enough time to do a favorite (oops). Few people pay attention to the desires of the body when it is at the first sign of disease so notify the owner in different ways (fatigue, tingling, spasms, shortness of breath, cough, discomfort). We usually shrugs off these messages and only then, when the disease manifests itself even in all its glory, we immediately have some free time, and we like mad nosimsya by doctors pray for all the saints, we are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. As soon as the disease a little let go, we just relax and begin to live as before. But in fact every disease – is our best friend and helper. Blackstone Medical has much to offer in this field. Every ailment tells us some information: "Do not go there, stop, Think!".

But we often do not think, but naglatyvaemsya pills suppress your body and continue to move further in the wrong direction. So what the same is now health and what it depends? A depends on the health of each person only on two factors: 1. A person's thoughts, his outlook and feelings. 2. That surrounds a person and one way or another gets into his body. Yes, all right, man's thoughts, his outlook and feelings are in first place on the significance of effects on the human body. Educate yourself with thoughts from Dean Ornish M.D. It was only in second place is the environment, consumption of food and air.

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Eternal Health And Beauty

Posted by Toni - January 31st, 2015

Anyone in the heart wants to stay young and healthy. Only the natural aging process, accelerated unimportant environment, malnutrition and other factors, do not give the desires incarnate. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Michael Lyons Blackstone Medical. However, science does not stand still, and today there are various means to maintain health and beauty. Name them – Supplements. Dietary supplements have appeared in our lives recently, but have already acquired a fervent adherents, and the bitterest of enemies. Therefore, today there are many opinions about how beneficial or harmful effect of providing supplements.

To understand this, first sort out what is a dietary supplement. BAA – it's concentrated natural biologically active substances of plant, animal, marine, mineral, or substances similar to them and obtained by chemical synthesis. Supplements are needed by the body as much as we need food. Of course, ideally one should get all the necessary materials together with the food, however, afford a proper diet today can not any man. For this reason, Many doctors are of the view that we should take dietary supplements. They make the right margin of biologically active substances that the body can not synthesize their own. Application dietary supplements can restore the body step by step, without inflicting harm, without damaging side effects typical of many drugs. Available in dietary supplements as drugs, in the form of salves, extracts, tinctures, infusions, creams, dry and liquid concentrates, syrups, tablets, powders, etc.

Such supplements can be bought at any pharmacy or online store. Norms of consumption of biologically active substances contained in medications, vitamin complexes and dietary supplements in every country are strictly defined. On product packaging must be present information on the number of active substances and their compliance with the standards of consumption. As a rule, the starting point is the so-called "adequate intake" – the average value, which covers the minimum requirement for the substance in a given population. The upper acceptable rates of consumption – is the maximum possible number of active substances, which occur mainly in the potent medicine. However, some supplements are not only not benefit, but also cause significant injury. Some of them exceeded the rate of use of active substances, others actually are 'dummies', and some dietary supplements contain the most genuine drugs. In this regard, the choice of dietary supplements should carefully study the composition and focus not on the advertising slogans, but a reasonable analysis.

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World Health Organization

Posted by Toni - January 30th, 2015

He tried to scream, but the language helplessly tossed in a dried mouth, and he broke a hoarse groan … Anthony was lying motionless across the bed, hardly breathing and listening to the frequent thud of his heart … The joints of his right hand terribly sick … his pajamas soaked through with sweat … If you would like to know more then you should visit Dean Ornish M.D. he was unable to do either clearly aware of ….

" Research misfortunes and disasters have been increasingly carried out and psychiatrists. Blackstone Medical has much experience in this field. In America, most have been carefully researched a variety of tragic events, which remained in the memory of future generations only through the scientific description of psychiatrists, such as "fire in a nightclub in Coconut Grove" in 1942 (Adler A., 1943; Lindermann E., 1944), a flood in 1972 (Erikson KT, 1976; Gleser GC, 1981), the eruption Volcano in 1980 (Shore JH et al., 1986; Shore JH et al., 1989), an accident at the nuclear power plant Three Mile Island (according to World Health Organization, 1991). But it was war, as mentioned above gave the most extensive material for research. Stress reaction in developing participants in armed conflicts received a variety of names: "traumatic neurosis war (Kardiner A., 1941; Kardiner A., Spiegel H., 1947), "military fatigue (Swank RL, 1949), "fighting exhaustion (Grinker RR et al., 1946). In 1947 A. Kardiner gave the first comprehensive clinical description of stress reactions ("chronic war neurosis ") resulting from participation in hostilities: 1.vozbudimost and irritability 2.bezuderzhny type of response to sudden stimuli 3.fiksatsiya injured on the circumstances of the event 4.uhod reality 5.predraspolozhennost to uncontrolled, aggressive reactions.

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National Police

Posted by Toni - January 29th, 2015

The fact that the Filipino knife fighting a serious thing and may well start a 'move, move, move! Attack, attack, attack! Take his hand! " – Shouted the master of knife fight Tim Wade. While the smell of burning wood is felt in musty air of the Academy of Jiu-Jitsu Ralph Gracia, the city of Berkeley, Calif., Tim Wade continues to shout his instructions over the typical rattan sticks knocking against each other. 'He who controls the terms controls the distance, controls the fight '- adds a guru. Guru Wade closely watching the speed, power stroke and footwork students two-day seminar on knife fighting in Pekiti-Tirsia system of Kali. Magini Tim Wade – certified master instructor, the president of Pekiti Tirsia World Health Organization (PTGO), Pekiti Tirsia head of the organization in the United States.

At the guru Wade extensive experience in the Philippines, where he currently serves as instructor at the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the National Police, government and private companies. Pekiti Tirsia Group in San Francisco in conjunction with instructor Mike Shaymerom inviting Tim Wade, organized the event in Berkeley, where the author was directly involved. Wade was kind enough to leave his home in Dallas and come here to share your knowledge with kalistas (the so-called practitioners potash). See Michael Lyons Blackstone Medical for more details and insights. Guru Wade constantly reminds his students about the fundamental principles of knife fighting – you do not want to get hit by any of the weapons. Protect yourself, stay constantly on the move and attack, attack – this is what should be your Kali Kali main prioritetom.Istoriya – ancient martial art originally from the Philippines.

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