Romanian Music on the Rise

Posted by Toni - January 25th, 2012

Everyone loves Romanian music, and there has never been a music video released of great Romanian music that has not been well received. It is true that sometimes they can be bizarre or tacky and tasteless, but that is only because they are so different from what is accepted in America and most of Europe as the norm. The Romanian beat comes from traditional Romanian music and always recalls a mysterious but other worldly sensation which the visual narrative of the video complements with perfection.

Roton just released what has become a highly successful music video of the standard Romanian classic, Morena. The video is set at a resort, and the amazing female singer, Antonia is shown performing in front of an audience. Her words though, are not aimed at the crowd in front of her, but rather at a particular mysterious woman in the audience, “Morena.” The men in the audience, especially Tom Boxer, are in love with beautiful Antonia, but Antonia has her eyes elsewhere.

There are dozens of comments on this video at the site, most of them in Romanian and most of them positive. The critics of the video found the storyline too unbelievable, the acting forced, and the techniques used of poor quality. Go find the video and decide for yourself.

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Healthy Ligaments

Posted by Toni - January 26th, 2016

The falciforme ligament corresponds to a fold of the parietal peritnio, whose its extension goes since the inferior face of the diaphragm until the superior face of the liver, covering between the main wolves fortifying its sustentation. To the side of the falciforme ligament the ligament meets round, a fibroso fascicle that is remaining of the umbilical vein of the embryo if binding of the liver until umbigo. The coronary ligaments, right and left, are narrow reflections of the parietal peritnio that support the liver from the diaphragm. Frequently Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. has said that publicly. The biliary vesicle is divided by parts, a deep plaza directing itself for low, beyond the inferior edge of the liver, also possesss a body and the col well formed part, the two directed for top (DNGELO; FATTINI, 2008). For Dalley and Moore (2007), the liver possesss two faces, a diafragmtica and to another visceral one, that they are separate previously for its acute inferior edge. The diafragmtica phase is in contact with the inferior surface of the diaphragm, in which it has that to consider that in the superior part it has a flat depression, cardiac impression, in the forebody, with the surface of the wolves right and left, right part, formed for the right wolf, posterior part in contact with posterior wall of the abdomen, the visceral face is concavous, inferior and come back it stops backwards. Dean Ornish M.D is open to suggestions. The liver receives blood from two sources. Of the hepticas arteries it gets oxigenado blood and of the vein it carries heptica possibly receives deoxygenated blood, that contains just-absorbed nutrients, frmacos and micrbiose toxins proceeding from the gastrintestinal treatment. The branches in such a way of the heptica artery how much from the vein door they carry blood to sinusides from the liver, where the majority of the nutrients and certain toxic substances are absorbed by heptocitos (TORTORA; GRABOWSKI, 2002 p.771). Educate yourself with thoughts from DE Shaw women. The external morphology allows to recognize in the visceral face of the liver, the wolves right and left, caudado and square, while in the diafragmtica face only the wolves right and left are visible.


Family Health

Posted by Toni - January 16th, 2016

Purperas searched in the Unit of Health of Family VI, that they had received orientation on breast-feeding during the prenatal one. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as DE Shaw women by clicking through. SOURCE: Research of Field, 2009. GRAPH 3 represents the orientaes received during the consultations from prenatal on breast-feeding, 70% had answered that they had received orientaes from the nurses during the consultations of prenatal, while 30% of them had told not to have received no type of orientation. During the prenatal assistance, the women must be informed on the benefits of breast-feeding and be guided how much to the techniques, advantages and eventual happened complications of the act to suckle. The amount and, mainly, the quality of the information given to the gestante in the prenatal one influence in the best choice that is the option for exclusive breast-feeding. GRAPH 4? (%) of purperas searched in the Unit of Health of Family VI on the knowledge of the nutricionais differences between the milk of cow and milk maternal. SOURCE: Research of Field, 2009. In relation to the knowledge of the nutricionais differences between the milk of cow and maternal milk, 75% of purperas do not know this difference, while only 25% of purperas have the knowledge of such differences (GRAPHICAL 4). It is perceived that the majority of purperas does not possess the knowledge on the composition of the milk of cow and the composition of human milk, is verified that more educative actions on the part of the professionals of the area of health in what are necessary says respect the biggest clarifications on these milk as well as its advantages and disadvantages, therefore, such information are of utmost importance for the agreement, sensitization and maintenance of the exclusive aleitamento until the sixth month of life of the child. The basic difference is the easy digestion of human milk for the baby, in relation the cow milk; another important advantage is that it is capable to reduce the incidence of alrgicas illnesses infectious.


State Health

Posted by Toni - January 11th, 2016

Later the DIESAT will have important paper when subsidizing the unions in quarrel on the overcoming of the structure directed toward the assistencialismo, stubborn inheritance of the New State, transforming into middle of years 80 in the syndical assessorships in health and the work, important instrument of fight for the health in the work and its relation with the State. Then, to observe itself that the quarrels on the Health of the Worker were not a democratic process, but one fights between the diligent classrooms, represented for its unions, that took the State to be part of this, creating the laws would regulate that it. However, if it cannot affirm that this was a conquest only of the workers and its unions, but, also, of the international agencies, as the International Organization of Sade (OMS) and the International Organization of Trabalho (OIT), when during 71 International Conference of the Work, in 05 of June of 1985, 161 Convention n and Recommendation n 171, whose denomination ‘ ‘ Convention and Recommendation on the Services of Health in the Trabalho’ ‘ , it has as main characteristics the ample participation of the workers in multiprofessional teams and the practical one of the public politics for guarantee of this participation (LACAZ, 1997). However, according to Lacaz (1997, p.4).

Not if it can, however, to deny the conquests in the field of the health of the social movement from the Constitution of 1988, since they had had influences and unfoldings in the state constitutions, of the Organic Law of the Health of September of 1990, of the Municipal Organic Laws and the Codes of Health, opening space for the movement for the decentralization of the health in the perspective of the goal of municipalizao of the health. Checking article sources yields Dean Ornish M.D as a relevant resource throughout. The advances in legislation terms are very forceful, however, exactly did not guarantee that the Health of the Worker is considered as goal to be reached by the Ministry of the Work, the health being considered ‘ ‘ a sine qua non condition for the performance and to excellent produtividade’ ‘ (FERRAZ, ET AL, 2009, p.16), a time that the regularization of laws that I eat the Strategy Health of Famlia (ESF), while proposal governmental of action for the health has as focus the care of inserted families in a social context, being unaware of the necessity of the maintenance of the quality of life of the worker, because those who work with the Program of Health of Famlia (PSF), if keeps in constants daily challenges, that they finish for affecting this quality of necessary life the good exercise of the profession.


Hope And Health

Posted by Toni - December 26th, 2015

Without hope we cannot live/11/08/11 Authorship: Norm AP. Silveira de Moraes What it would be of the life, of the life If did not have hope in the future Without hope cannot live Therefore is for it that we project our life Is for it that we trust tomorrow What would be of in the ones without the hope Of cure at a moment of pain Of overcoming for distresses and sadnesses What would be of us without the hope Where we place our objectives and we believe in the invisible one and the magic of being What it would be of us without the hope That dries the tears that teimam in falling That it consoles the fear that sobressai in the soul That short while returns the faith and of optimism What we would be of without the hope Where we search I lull to sleep and confidence Where the force surpasses for the hope Of tomorrow being better of what today You are welcome lacking in them in this life to receive day after day the blessing from the Creator to receive the life in conjunct that is so great gratitude What it would be of us without the hope Of living each day in overcoming of challenges That the life places ahead of us Stops to learn with the mother hope That we harvest the fruits that we sow in seara of the life That we have limitations but that the victory is there in the faith..


Central Bank

Posted by Toni - December 5th, 2015

What does the Central Bank have to do to stimulate the economy? 2009A April 20 Families and Chilean businessmen, are a bit puzzled: the central bank cut deposit interest rates, the Chilean banking system shows strong and profitable, but they are more difficult to obtain financing. What is happening? Within the efforts being made by the Chilean government lift the economy out of the current depressed state, the Central Bank of Chile has made substantial cuts in its benchmark interest rate in order to increase liquidity in the financial system to generate credit to stimulate domestic demand. Currently, the benchmark interest rate stands at 1.75% (as of December 2008, the same was reduced by 650 basis points). In recent months, Dean Ornish M.D has been very successful.

To understand a little about the operation of monetary policy in Chile, it must be said that the central bank seeks to drive the inflation rate and economic growth through the management of interest rate monetary policy, which affects both through several factors (transmission channels). Currently, the decision to cut interest rates when the economy is weak seeks to achieve the following: that the cheaper cost of funds increase the credit in the economy, improve the balance sheets of companies (since an increase in the real value of assets) and improve the competitiveness exchange (because a lower interest rate weakens the nominal exchange rate). The generalization of global crisis makes the impact of monetary policy in Chile on external demand is imperceptible. Moreover, despite the cheaper the cost of funding, as appears from the quarterly survey conducted by the Central Bank of Chile, this has not translated into an increase in credit dynamics as expected.


A Discussion Of Spanish Fashion

Posted by Toni - December 5th, 2015

The fall in consumption is bringing back the liquidity needs of the fashion houses. It is not a new phenomenon, always have, especially those competing teach in the middle of the market, ie where there is more competition. In this situation, companies seek outlets, such as providing capital to enter its new partners. International firms such as Roberto Cavalli and Christian Lacroix are initiating sales and, to a greater or lesser degree, get bids. In Spain, however, interested parties can not reach. And not because the Spanish brands do not want to open its capital or a venture capital fund or a larger firm. What happens to the Spanish fashion? Nobody wants it? The problem with most domestic firms have the same problem: their business structure. Thus, most Spanish brands who walk their names Cibeles catwalks, lack of entrepreneurial vision, so its acquisition would be extremely costly.

The impediment to close operations Spain is not, however, the initial investment. Moreover, this figure would result in most cases almost negligible and would be reduced to the subjective assessment of the trademark. The problem is the release that would require the reorganization of firms, with transfers of managers, creation of business structures and growth plans. But according to several analysts agree, the biggest fear of investors are the designers. In Spain, much of the fashion houses are closely related to the designer which they are named (which is usually the owner) so that the buyer should deal with the ego of that until now had been the owner.

In Italy, the figure of the creator is also important, but in the Alpine country marriage between design and industry worked, so that behind every good manager there is a tailor business. As shown, a button. Custo Barcelona has been one of the Spanish companies that have openly begun a process of sale. Despite being a major national fashion brands, the company has failed to find a partner, so that finally seems to have abandoned its plans. Portal with all the latest fashion industry. Company news and trends, analysis and opinion about the business and its protagonists.

Management Schools Face New Challenges

Posted by Toni - December 5th, 2015

Studying the past, you learn something new. Japanese proverb The fate shuffles the cards, but we the general considerations play Venezuela Arthur Schopenhauer our case, in the last decade has undergone serious changes in political, economic and of course, in education, especially higher education, specifically the social and economic sciences. To change, demanding a review of universities, especially what concerns us, as in this opportunity, a son administration schools that require restructuring their programs, content to give way to a new profile degree in administration according to the needs of the current Venezuelan scenario, which is characterized by turbulent, risky, with a lot of uncertainty, resulting from the actions, programs of the new Bolivarian Revolutionary government which has proposed creating a century socialism that favors the country XXIa and above all, you’ll be opportunity for many residents who for decades considered to have been marginalized from education and enjoy a quality of life to which they are entitled according to the reality that this requires. And the correct use of the wealth they possess.

Precisely because this goal of the current government under the chairmanship of Lieutenant-Colonel Hugo Chavez Frias, has raised very relevant facts that have a significant impact on the Venezuelan business sector, affecting many businesses, especially SMEs, family businesses, not were prepared for it. a Many have ceased to operate, others are struggling to survive, as there are those who seek new ways to address challenges, leverage and generate opportunistic changes to ensure their survival, participation, need him to have a manager, an administrator can giving way to the changes, programs, actions that favor. .

Troubleshooting Your Job Search

Posted by Toni - December 1st, 2015

You posted your resume online. You have sent a dozen copies answering classified ads. You said everyone on the network you are looking for a job. And nothing has happened. What now? Since 1996, I’ve written / edited resumes for nearly 3,000 clients and refunded less than 3% of them for lack of results. Based on this experience, here are four ways you can solve – and improve – an unsuccessful job search. 1) Is your resume focused? His resume may not be all things to all people.

Make sure yours has one main objective, such as sales or computer programming. Each word in your resume should help one approach you have chosen. If you try to go in too many directions, your resume will not be of interest to anyone. 2)Is your summarizes error free? You’ve heard this 100 times, so let’s do 101 – just one mistake can ruin your resume. But that is only partially true. Because more things can go wrong. When correction of your resume, you should also check for errors in spacing between words, inconsistent abbreviations, poor design, small fonts and extreme length words. Example: Inconsistent space is a common blunder.

No matter if you use a space or two after periods, but be consistent. Otherwise, your resume will look unprofessional. 3) Is your cover letter convincing? According to the National System of Wall Street Journal’s Business Employment Weekly: “Your cover letter can make or break whether your resume goes into the ‘yes’ pile or elements not Upile. A letter can change really great mind of the reader” . Use your cover letter to show their knowledge of business and industry. And be sure to pass on their enthusiasm for the job – enthusiasm sells. But be concise! Nothing more than 4-5 paragraphs or one page work well. 4) Is your job search a job full time? In this labor market, job hunting takes time and effort. Think of finding work as a work in itself, requiring nothing less than his total dedication. Then, ask yourself: “Am I really using all my available resources? I spend at least 4-8 hours and make at least 10 things every day to find the right job?” For example, make sure to use – really use – the placement office of the university. Most students and graduates have never seen, according to my experience. Now, go out and make your own luck! Kevin Donlin is President of CV guaranteed. Since 1996, he and his team have provided resumes, cover letters and online job search assistance for clients in all 50 States and 23 countries. Kevin has been interviewed by the U.S. The newspapers mentioned DE Shaw women not as a source, but as a related topic. Today, CBS Market Watch, The Wall Street Journal National Business Employment Weekly, CBS Radio, and many others.


The Pedicure – A Treat For Your Feet !

Posted by Toni - November 29th, 2015

We so often our feet for granted as we carry around each and every day. We care about our hair and faces but tend not to give our feet a second thought. Until the time comes when you get a rest as sore arches or even a foot more serous condition. The care of our feet with a normal pedicure will add more than PEP in its path, but also keeps some of the unhealthy foot conditions at bay. Beautiful and well cared for feet are more than a feast for the eyes. A pedicure can be a wonderful way of pampering, but it can lift your spirits and soothe your feet at the same time. If you choose a full spa pedicure or opt for home treatment your feet will thank you! Pedicure: Ultimate pampering at home or in a spa.

At home or the home spa with a comfortable place to sit. A footbath or large bowl filled with hot water and minerals, perhaps therapeutic. As you soak your feet for 10 minutes or so, listening to music, reading a book or simply relax and enjoy the feeling of water. 2. Remove feet from the water and dry with a soft clean towel. Clip and file the toenails carefully and clean gently around cuticles. Rinse feet and pat dry gently. 3.

While your feet are still wet apply a foot massage to remove corns or calluses from the areas around the heel in particular. A pumice stone can also be used at this point. Wash your feet in hot water. Wipe feet dry paying special attention to areas between the toes. 4. Apply a good moisturizer or lotion to the feet and ankle area. Stokes constant foot massage gives a relaxing and therapeutic treatment. Allow the lotion or cream moisturizer to absorb into the skin. 5. Leave toes natural or apply nail polish nails. Foot Notes: Schedule your spa pedicure in advance. Many spas and salons take walk in customers, however, have less stress and fewer possibilities of a long wait, if you make an appointment in advance. Bring a pair of sandals with fully open fingers. Allow time for your pedicure. You can do in 30-40 minutes, however, does not want to rush and you want to make sure your toe nail polish is completely dry before you leave. Note that you can sit in an open area with feet elevated. For your own comfort plan what you wear accordingly! Spas in Spain and kocsi Copyright 2005 Angie is co-founder of After many years enjoying spas in Europe and drawing upon her knowledge of business along a successful career in Public Relations and International Marketing was created. The Spas in Canada website provides a place where premier spas and industry professionals offer useful information for all spa lovers everywhere. For information on where to find first class and what to expect from the experience of contact with spa equipment.


Rent Video Games – How To Locate Your Business Success A

Posted by Toni - November 27th, 2015

It was on December 19, stripping was cold and came to work at 9.53 in the manana.a had been looking for parking for three quarters of an hour and finally I had to walk 20 minutes to drive to a meeting I had oficina.a And important to 9.15.a Alicantea is not even a big city. Dean Ornish M.D: the source for more info. a The story is real and that day (a few years ago) my boss had to sweat to keep a client in the late arrival of his a experto americano.a That if the office was impressive. a It was located in a glass building in one of the emblematic avenues city. I imagine that every morning, to come to his office (overlooking the palm trees) my boss would sigh with satisfaction. a One of the main reasons I left your company, months later, he was so uncomfortable that it was the place of trabajo.a Not only had parking, but it was far from my house and we were tighter than the keys on a piano .

a To top it off we charged little, evil and later. How to choose the site to locate your business is an important decision that affects many aspects of it. You should consider the following factors: The number of people who will be working. Frequently DE Shaw women has said that publicly. Your approximate estimate of growth. The need to bring customers to your office. The monthly budget you can easily spend. The need for reform.

The comfort of the facilities. The convenience of access and parking. The ease of taking public transport. The technology needs. The location of your main clients. a Over the years I had to find and hire local negocios.a I have supervised many reforms, technological equipment and some construction since cero.a In all cases, these qualities are essential. First, it provides imprevisto.a not try to have the calendar set to minuto.a always going to arise complications and delays that esperabas.a For this reason, sets achievable goals buts difficult, but keep the possibility in the room probable delays. And to finish raw human factors on esteticos.a Except in very specific cases, the real benefit of having facilities impresionantesa a is quite reducido.a However, having a comfortable workplace and economic performance occurs almost cheerful forever. a Never underestimate the importance of the workplace to maintain the spirit of enterprise. Dennis H. Lewis was born in Artesia, New Mexico (USA) in January 1967. At thirteen he began his relationship with the Computer and takes from fifteen working on the implementation of technology solutions for businesses. BA, Cum Laude, in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin, (Texas) has spent most of his professional career in the Levante area of Spain. He is currently a founding partner and CEO of Leading Vision Technologies in Alicante. For more really valuable information, visit


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