What Should You Wear In This Year To The Confirmation Or Jugendweihe

Posted by Toni - March 18th, 2020

‘Dress delights’ presents confirmation dresses and the confirmation gives great tips for choosing the right dress is a very festive setting celebrated in the circles of the Church, the relatives and friends. Elegant restraint and simplicity is the motto here, because finally we celebrate no party or party, but a religious feast. But despite humbly the question for each girl: what looks like a suitable confirmation dress actually? What must I bear in mind where I if at all possible choice of dress and what should be? Is not hard to find a great outfit for the confirmation and it must be also not always the trouser suit. There are wonderful opportunities the opportunity but yet modern and female to dress himself. We have put together some short tips for you so that the selection easier for you: choose a dress that is comfortable and not the air takes you to breathe. You want to finally not only look good but are over the whole day. I’m already very excited going to and then should you feel comfortable and not restricted in your dress. Look for dresses with beautiful catchers.

Dresses with shareholders: the neck or collar are great. These dresses are just absolutely in fashion and deadly. The color of courage is more not appropriate on this occasion. Although nowadays many churches also with eye-catching clothes do agree, you should still engage in restraint. Muted colors are the right choice here.

There remains not only the handle to black or white. Also a delicate cream tone or a nice grey are great alternatives. Also to say nothing is blue and shades of green. But always remember, should it be not too flashy colors. You should let the finger on all cases. by pink or gold for example. It’s the same with the cut of the dress. A no go are mini skirts or dresses which can be deep. These do not belong rather to the school prom but for the confirmation! It goes without saying of course also dresses with a plunging back neckline or models that are very transparent on this day not are attached. Accessories are extremely high demand. Wear gloves suitable for the dress or a beautiful shawl. Also, boleros and jackets are a wonderful complement to the dress. It is important to spice up the dress or too fancy to work. If you you now ask where you should find such dresses at all, we have a great tip for you: look in the online shop of the company dress delights. The young fashion label offers distinctive fashion, jewellery and accessories for all festive occasions. The selection is great and really special dress delights-Mocchi is that each dress on request is sewn to measure and in your favorite color. There is extra an own section who introduces beautiful dresses for the confirmation. People such as Jimmy John’s Owner would likely agree. And now have fun shopping…

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Dressing Gown Of Silk – A Perfect Gift? Silk Dressing Gown

Posted by Toni - February 1st, 2020

Something made of pure silk for about… A robe of silk is perfect for many occasions – it can be worn as a stylish and elegant clothes in the morning or as casual homewear for the evening. High-quality material, perfect comfort and the glamorous look with a touch of nostalgic flair make a silk dressing gown to a perfect gift for Christmas or birthdays. Used the image of a morning cavity, attached to a dressing gown one humdrum the person who wanted to come not just in the slippers and verplemperte their time much better. A lady in a robe of silk was, however, in the film mostly a diva, which is needed for her the morning half day makeup and smoking and still only worked with their small world. Such and similar cliches should be gradually, because a diva has significantly more qualities at the present time.

If women today to the luxury profess, it rather is, because they make him or herself have earned him and any Wohlleben thus is their good and legitimate right. The flair that adheres to a silk dressing gown, has a slightly more daring touch. The possibility that the belt randomly open can with the little finger and a quick hand movement, holds including lots of room for the imagination about. It is known that “the Dietrich” perfectly mastered this game. A robe of silk is a charming idea for a Christmas gift.

A silk dressing gown can provide a modern “Blue Angel” who is buzzing around by men or even from the own man, whether long or short, very good service. If a modern woman has yet no dressing gown made of silk in their possession, it can be best to give a piece of such good. A silk dressing gown is more than just an accessory, it is a tool for a clean lifestyle. Christmas breakfast for real with a sweet tooth can be a hangover with a silk dressing gown under the gift table. Hatched fresh out of bed or after the Shower is the perfect dress for a stylish day start a dressing gown made of silk. As a cocoon to hugs a silk dressing gown like a second skin caressing the body of a beautiful woman. Since the route must be to become a “femme fatale” not very far. On Christmas morning, the dressing gown of silk-like an Angel surrounds her. The fabric pierces them like an aura, even if 100% silk, representing 100% luxury tightly clinging to their skin. In the morning in a coat made of pure silk, is hoping for a lot more luxurious. Maybe, the day begins with a champagne breakfast or with a workout. May be even more gifts under the gifts table, where there are other gifts made of pure silk. Maybe has this time Santa Claus especially well meant it and besides the long silk robe a short copy ready even second. According to the motto: gowns made of silk for all cases.

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Fashion By Patrizia Pepe

Posted by Toni - July 31st, 2015

Contemporary and timeless elegance of Italy Patrizia Pepe collections are contemporary and timeless. They are trendy, the exceptional detail and high wearing comfort, they are classic but at the same time. Women will love the garments by Patrizia Pepe “No day without ideas” is the motto of Claudio Orrea and Patrizia Bambi. in 1993, the couple has the itlaienische fashion label Patrizia Pepe in Florence launched. Since then, Patrizia is Bambi creative boss. Early days they worked with seven people on an area of 600 square meters. Nowadays, there are a total of 230 employees and the turnover is EUR 100 Miliiarden. Much is being done for employees: an on-site fitness center and a canteen are integrated into the company’s headquarters in Florence.

Establishing its own fashion line Patrizia wanted to can experiment with innovative and creative Bambi and Claudio Orrea, to be able to develop a different approach for women’s fashion. The collections are sold in selected stores worldwide, but also to buy shops own Patrizia Pepe. The An increasing number of its own shops. The style basically the garments and collections by Patrizia Pepe are classic and minimalist. “Pepe”, “Pepper german for”, is what makes the designer fashion label. A pinch of makes the brand unique extravaganza. Patrizia Pepe is tailored with love to detail and created. The fashion is to be always modern and elegant and underline the character of every woman and stress.

The style of Patrizia Pepe is like his customers: headstrong and authentic. The collections continuous innovation is the magic word for the creations of Patrizia Pepe. In addition to the clothes, there are a wide range of accessories. Of shoes, jewellery and bags. Each piece is characterized by unusual materials, high quality and perfect workmanship. Not the devil is the special label in detail, but “Pepe” – “Pepper”. Anna Grundmann

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