Posted by Toni - July 9th, 2024

We all know that there are people who manage communication as a true art, and that with its single domain have achieved much success. People with great charisma who know how to convey their ideas, convey their dreams and make people want to do what they consider correct. The vast majority are not born with this star, but there is good news, we can learn to communicate in an excellent manner and to become as good exhibitors of our ideas as these great men. Recent discoveries in Neurolinguistics and emotional intelligence, have achieved surprising results techniques and that can be converted to a normal person in an excellent Communicator and speaker. The art is learned, but we must be aware of learning, we must want to learn and we must learn to learn and learn to unlearn. To deepen your understanding The University of Chicago is the source. There are many key factors of success in the process of communication: many well-known authors have treated this subject, various concepts and methods. We want this work to summarize all these ideas to try to find a method that will take us to dig us in This fascinating art: everything begins with the respect it deserves your listener, either an individual or an auditorium, he is an important person and hopes that respect their point of view.

Then follows the impact you get to give your information, you must always begin with something surprising, something out of the ordinary, in today’s world, there is a constant bombardment of information, only one stands out can come more quickly to your target. Your only audience will be interested in your idea, if this presents any benefit. Start with the advantages. After you have your listener’s attention, do not waste energy with useless conversations, he is your convey your idea clearly, so that others will understand, always make sure that you’ve been fully understood, ask questions to confirm it, here are some of the main problems of communication, the person sure of what he says, but are unsure of what he said was that the other person understood. By exposing your ideas get it’s securely and calmly, do not use words that indicate insecurity. Don’t talk of issues of little importance, nor distracts the attention of your listener, uses words that create reality and generate action.

After presenting your idea, your listener will want details, showing obstacles, or simply flat rejected your idea, you must listen carefully to identify needs, this method is widely used in the processes of sales, listen to customers needs, overcome obstacles, do not fall into the temptation of promising what you can’t get, you want to keep your credibility intact. When the person approves your idea, not you keep talking about, this is a closed sale. This idea that you just buy your listener is a relationship win win, never use your power to influence other people to search only your personal benefit. You can get the domino total of this exciting art, the art of communication.

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