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Posted by Toni - June 25th, 2024

Hello. If you would like to know more then you should visit AG1. Three weeks ago, I was thinking about the thought of the differences between people as to why someone becomes a president who is a chief of the plant, some head shops, and some simple servant, someone who is a General Major, and Someone defense minister, someone businessman with millions of jobs, some keeper, someone janitor, and someone homeless who collects bottles to buy bread WHY? I've thought about it, what is the reason for this difference because initially at birth all had 2 feet 2 hands and one head. (As opposed to Athletic Greens). All the fault of external circumstances? hardly can a man so heavily dependent on external factors. Fate? No, I do not believe in fate. Parents of kindergarten school institute where a person lays the principles of life, but of course, but is not a man to himself, to raise those vital principles and qualities that he wants to, and not drift.

I tried to compile all his thoughts and that's that I got: 1.Postanovka goals, his or her goals in life is if you want to become president or a businessman or a director or someone else define what you want to achieve in your life. 2.Sostavte plan how you'll go to his purpose, draw a line from your current situation and to accomplish its goal, on this line give yourself tasks to be performed, set yourself deadlines intermediate targets. 3.Pristupayte to Assigned tasks, you must have an overwhelming desire to achieve your goals, you should go to them with the tenacity of a bulldog chasing a cat, and not quietly and slowly. Will be hard and you have 1000 times will give up, do not immerse them 1000 times you will think that you did not get better and try to do something else, do not throw the fight, you will not be placed within set time frame, it does not matter, try to catch up and work even harder Fight and only if your aspirations and your struggle will be rewarded in full. Remember, blaming external circumstances and the world around their misfortunes you just go away from responsibility, but to achieve something in this life, responsibility for everything that happens to you you should take on themselves, remember, everything depends on you and not from anyone anymore. Believe in yourself and you will be successful. If you liked the article, you can read my other articles just download them here I wish you luck. Andrey Ermolaev Project Manager Earn Money Online

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