Posted by Toni - June 23rd, 2024

Our daily food has deficiencies (vitamins, minerals, fiber, trace elements, etc.) And excess (fat, sugar, carbohydrates, salt, calories, soda, dyes, preservatives, hormones, etc.).. And whatever happens, our body every day needs a total of 114 nutrients are broken down into: 16 vitamins, 10 minerals, 60 trace minerals and 19 amino acids. Without all of these nutrients, our body is not able to function optimally. Why there are excesses in food? With the threat that loomed in the 1950s, that could be missing food for the population, there were numerous efforts to have more food. One of the cheapest ways to have greater volume of food is by adding fat and salt. It is now understood that many of these elements are abundant in foods?. This makes many people find it hard g. Why are nutritional deficiencies in food? Many people believe they can get healthy food at home, but the food on our plates and deficient nutrients, because: 1) crops have been industrialized, where previously planted once a year now do several times, because the soil no longer provide the necessary nutrients to fruit or vegetables.

2) Many fruits and green vegetables are removed so they can ripen on the way to the store, that is not mature at the plant, that means you are removed before they can absorb the few nutrients that provide the soil. 4) The cooking makes you lose nutrients. 5) All diets provide little nutritional value. Learn more on the subject from AG1. The aid will be withdrawn and the deficiencies in food and to control the excesses.


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