The Jacket

Posted by Toni - July 24th, 2014

They were a completely current man and a woman, of perhaps excessively elegant aspect to go of stores. The unique stranger was that the man Lucia one melena of white hair that conferred a singular will to him. That one individual, when we were happening next to them, clung to the arm of my friend and it fixedly watched the eyes to him, with crispation gesture. – He has taken care of – it murmured with severity, but with calm voice. It is careful when leading. Its end is marked by a traffic accident.

Next, it loosen the forearm to him and the pair followed its way. The old one seemed something disturbed, but it did not add absolutely anything. Ramon and I watched myself incredulous, without giving greater importance to that one commentary. – What rarer people have that way, friend. – Of manicomio – I seconded, uniting me to the guffaw of Ramon. Minutes later, it was dismissing to me of Ramon, who took a taxi towards the airport.

What it did not know at that time is that it was dismissing to me of him for always. One week later, walking by that one same street, sounded the moving body. I removed it from the inner pocket of the jacket and offed-hook. The other side of the line I recognized the voice of Julian, a companion of Ramon with whom I also had worked kill time. -Not me jodas! – I exclaimed when listening its terrible message. How it has happened? The monovolume of Ramon had front collided the previous night with a truck in a freeway. It had not survived. When I kept the telephone, I felt very heartbroken. Somebody of my age, near had never died surroundings. He was the first friend who lost.


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