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Posted by Toni - August 30th, 2023

In kindergarten or at home the main responsibility lies with teachers and parents, the school he decides on a change of time to eat a sandwich brought from home or an apple, and, after returning home to be able to organize yourself a simple meal. A separate theme – choosing the right, healthy foods. Of course, no child is of sound mind and memory, do not give up chocolate bar in favor of instant oatmeal. But because the culture of healthy food can and must educate! Entrust your child yourself to control your diet. You can, for example, make a special diary where the child will write or draw the most healthy food, which he ate during the day. Divide all the products on the most useful (which should be eaten every day), utility (used every day) and those that can be eaten infrequently. The first group includes fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, vegetable butter, milk, yogurt, cheese, cereals. The second group includes eggs, honey, nuts, dried fruits, pasta, low-fat varieties of sausage and hot dogs and beans. And finally, the third group of products – confectionery (cakes) meats, ice cream, chocolate, fatty sauces, etc. So, quietly to yourself your treasure will learn to evaluate the usefulness of their daily diet. Discuss with them the results of diary entries – last week you ate five healthy foods, and this – as many as eight! And with the proverbial porridge, you can experiment. What if you add in her nuts, seeds, dried fruit, or maybe a handful of fresh berries? And if you do not just add a draw a funny little face, laying out the highlights of his eyes and nose – from the nuts, and mouth – from a drop of bright jam? The fact that before a meal laid to wash their hands, they know everything..


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