Feed Aquarium Fish

Posted by Toni - February 21st, 2018

Most beginning aquarists tend to feed their pets "to dump" – because they are hungry, always "asked" to eat, turning the front wall of the aquarium! In addition, so interesting to watch how the fish hunt for worms! Meanwhile, a similar attitude towards the inhabitants of the aquarium, not only will not do for them, but even hurt. Nutrition has on the health of your pet no less influence than the chemical composition and acidity of water. Various fishes, of course, require different feeding – both in terms of composition, and amount of food. However, there are some general guidelines whose observance will help to avoid blunders and – as a consequence – big disappointment. Here are some of these rules and we'll talk. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. insists that this is the case.

Rule one, most important – it is mild food. Adult fish is enough to feed every day, and not to the extent that the fish were lying on the floor on their own bloated stomachs. The fish do not "brake", they will eat until they see food, even at the risk of bursting. But overfeeding leads to obesity and infertility, and even shorten the life of fishes. Particularly prone to obesity carp fish. In addition, surplus food, stuck in a place inaccessible to fish, will spoil the water in the aquarium. Food into the aquarium is better to throw chunks, so that the fish ate all of it until it sinks (of course this does not apply to catfish). Once a week to arrange "fasting day" and does not feed the fish at all.

Rule two – this variety menu. For most of the fish based diet is a live feed – bloodworm, tubifex etc. But it is not harmful (and many of the fish – and necessary) give them some fodder and vegetable (eg, scalded lettuce), and special vitamin supplements. Should not be fed exclusively dry fish feed. When using dry feed is desirable advance for a few minutes soak it in a separate container and placed into the aquarium after the feed particles swell. This is done in order to feed the swelling did not occur in the stomachs of your fish. Rule three – is proper choice of the feed. This issue mainly concerns vykramlivaniya juveniles. The most difficult issue for novice aquarists here – when to switch from one type of food to another, larger, and growing fry. The easiest way to immediately follow this principle: a particle size of feed must match the size of the eye fry. As we said in the beginning, the choice of mode of feeding and type of feed depends on the specific form fishes. But until then, until you know the taste of just your pet, compliance with these simple rules will be on the gross errors that could lead to dire consequences.

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Emotional Health

Posted by Toni - May 23rd, 2017

Many people possess emotional tension and induced illness for the emotions, not had to arrasador accumulation of disgusts, but for not having learned to maneuver peculiar the usual amount of misfortunes the all human being. The sharpness to lead, with efficiency and success, some phases of a current life, that is, in way that produces a maximum of joy and a minimum of tension, is what it is known as maturity. To have maturation means to be based itself emotionally: to have capacity to keep serenity; resignation, courage, determination and joy in situations that would take an immature person to the apprehension, terror, anxiety or frustration. It is only reached maturity through a learning process. Unhappyly, it does not have no place, nowadays, where if it can learn maturity. Ours three educational institutions – the School, the Church and the Family – fail in this essential part of ours education..


Help Your Crying Child

Posted by Toni - December 2nd, 2016

You were ready for what your child is crying, but now you have this frustration. The disappointment of what seemed to be all the methods you use from your arsenal, but nothing works. The kid continues cry. By the same author: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. The first thing you tried to calm the crying baby is swinging. Some parents are beginning to swing at the first cries of a baby automatically. However, due to vigorous shaking a baby can be obtained brain injury.

Trauma can cause intracranial and intraocular hemorrhage may not show outward signs. These kids are neurological damage that lead to blindness, seizures, delayed development. In the most serious cases, such injuries can lead to death. Statistics show that 15% of child deaths associated with this vigorous shaking of infants. 60% of those guilty of this – men. The average age of 2.2 children months. Here are some ways to help your baby when he cries: – buy a sling, sling, kangaroo, backpack-carrying of order, so that more time spent with you baby.

Studies show that more than time the child in contact with the mother, the less he is naughty. – Make sure that your child is not hungry, that he is not hot, not cold, may need to change a diaper – not sure whether the increased temperature – provide skin to skin contact, it will relax you and your baby, pat the child on the back – use the good old rocking chair – swaddle baby in a soft blanket – put a silent slow music, or quietly napoyte something this child's cry absolutely normal. Completely healthy babies may cry more than 5 hours a day. It is a way to express what the kid is hungry, or he is sad or uncomfortable. If you are very nervous because of this, leave the child for 5-10 minutes. Get out, take it easy. after you've calmed yourself, try to calm the baby. Inconsolable crying is a normal state of infant development. And the question is not how to make sure that the child was not crying. The question is how to learn to respond appropriately to crying.

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Posted by Toni - April 20th, 2016

We pass good part of our life, mainly when our children grow and we retire in them, in asking: ' ' what I made or what I am? ' ' perhaps, today, for she is alone and to have more time for the things that for option I left it stops backwards, I see with clarity that affection and devotion of mother, walk together, and what it is real is that I have the sensation of my fulfilled duty, but, for them me it seems, that we were incomplete, we do not correspond its expectations well, they had not witnessed our fights, they had been saved! There, we perceive that they had grown, much more that we, today, must assisting in them in our difficulties, what for they seem unreal, therefore always we knew of everything, our weaknesses, our fragilities, will be always alone ours. To complete a real fact, our life changed all. We were six, today we are four, With all the difficulties that had been imposed in them, there enter the beliefs: destination, limitations, etc. It has l0 years, just day 20 of March of 2000, my husband needed to make a colonoscopia that it turned a surgery and, after a blood transfusion that if made necessary, this happened in day 28.03.00, this accurate moment it started to pass badly, what the nursing home nothing made stops helping in them, is a long history, has all the medical reports however you are welcome they are valid now, what I know, is that I continued deceived for l0 days, Until coming one another doctor that said the truth to me, there total panic and learning to deal with the hope, knowing inexistent! At no moment I questioned the doctor, I found and I continue finding that it gave to my husband and we all the possible attention, because Good doctors they even save lives, does not kill! it is good, continues being, was desumano, times later when everything it finished day l2.07.00 that, with my husband I, my mother and mine three children die a little.