The Tradition Of Celebrating New Years In Moldova

Posted by Toni - May 28th, 2019

In Moldova, many cultures intertwined. And the distinguishing feature of the Christmas holidays in Moldova, is a celebration of both the Catholic and Orthodox Christmas. Also celebrated New Year twice and on December 31 Julian January 13 (Old New Year). December most troublesome month of the year. The entire population is worn to the shops, in search of the best gifts for close people, relatives and friends.

All ready for Christmas and New Year's holiday. Checking article sources yields Dean Ornish M.D as a relevant resource throughout. Chisinau is alive, in homes and buildings there are all kinds of Christmas decorations. Especially beautiful in the country's main square, all the lights and poured in a festive decoration. Here, on every corner festive tents, which are sold, Christmas decorations, toys, candy, little things necessary. Streets colored with garlands, which are visible not only in the shop windows, but also on all trees.

Children make their parents greeting cards by hand. In the air, festive atmosphere reigns! Most satisfied in this time of course children. In Chisinau, Moldova's capital, this time a lot of Santa Claus (mosh Krechun) that welcome children everywhere: in shops, theaters, and just in the streets, so in this period, children – is the most admiring of the population. By tradition, New Year celebrations in Moldova starts with the celebration of the Catholic Christmas on December 25, but the main Moldova is a party in the New Year. Therefore, a great festival is held on the night of Dec. 31. That night, when people wait for 12 hours and at midnight they drink sparkling wine with family and friends.

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City Theatre

Posted by Toni - April 13th, 2017

The theater building was reconstructed several times, a modern building built by architect A. Kavos K. in 1848 and is one of the monuments of the city. For several years there have been a project to construction of the new Mariinsky Theatre, which will be implemented in a modern style. The new building promises to open by 2012.

In addition, near the theater will open metro station "Theatre" (2014), it will make the Mariinsky theater more accessible for visitors and residents of the northern capital. At the Mariinsky, viewers can see these world-famous ballet and opera productions as "Giselle," "The Barber of Seville," "Madama Butterfly" "Swan Lake", "Queen of Spades", "Nutcracker", "Eugene Onegin" and many others. Tickets for shows can be purchased at theater box offices and online at the City Theatre on-line. Principal conductor of the Mariinsky Opera and Ballet Theatre is a Valery Gergiev. St. Petersburg theaters often are at the heart of the city, so until they can be easily reached from all areas of St.

Petersburg. As a rule, the performances do not end after 11 pm, which means that even at room small suburban hotels of St. Petersburg and will spend time and get to the hotel without any problems. Another theater, which we would like to tell in this article – Youth Theatre on Fontanka, located Izmailovo in the garden. The story begins with the theater in 1901, when the garden was built various places of entertainment, including theater. The theater became a favorite resort of citizens. Tickets cost inexpensive, but if money is still not enough, you can listen to music for free – wooden Teatrika easily miss the sounds through the walls. From 1940 to 1979, the building was rescheduled under the artificial ice rink, and in 1979 started here Youth theater work, which pleases us with his performances so far. Currently, the chief director of the theater is Semyon Spivak, and are registered in the repertoire of performances on the works of Mikhail Bulgakov ("Days Turbines, "" Don Quixote "), Alexei Tolstoy (" Killer Whale "), William Shakespeare (" Othello, "" Twelfth Night, or whatever ") and many others. Come to St. Petersburg, you wait here cheap hotels in St. Petersburg and the best Hotels in St. Petersburg, go to the theater, enjoy performances and took with them wonderful memories of time spent and the rest.

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Tours In Istanbul

Posted by Toni - January 16th, 2017

You do not want to have long to rest as it did ten years ago – and pointlessly stupid lying on the beach, hang out in the evenings by the pool, clogged rest, and wait in the depths of the soul when, at last, this vacation is over? You need a modern holiday, in which pastime is combined with knowledge of the world, rest, after which you return home full of impressions and new knowledge? Then the tour in Istanbul is what you need! Only in Istanbul a few days you will be able to see so many sights, ancient temples, monuments and mosques, as you will not see for years of traveling to other countries and cities. Only Istanbul offers a unique tourist opportunity to visit the past in the morning, afternoon return to the 20 millionth modern metropolis, and in the evening to forget about everything on the shore of the old as the hills, and just as beautiful Bosphorus Strait. Tours in Istanbul will give you so much knowledge that you have more than one year will affect all his erudition. More information is housed here: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. And hotels in Istanbul, in which you live, will give you a sense of comfort and a truly genuine security. In them you will forget about all the household chores, and edistvennoe that will remind you of what you're away – a time when you have to go home. Do not worry! Tours in Istanbul so diverse that you can come back here again next year..

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Mount Demerdzhi

Posted by Toni - June 23rd, 2014

When you go down to the Angarsk pass in Alushta, in one of the turns – especially the serene summer morning – opens in all its glory mountain peak, which many historians and tourists called the most beautiful in the Crimea. If Look at the mountain at a time when its cocoon rare cumulus clouds, it seems that rising above the clouds of smoke. Above the mountain and named – Funa, ie, "fuming". Later, the locals gave the mountain range a different name – Demerdzhi, which translates as "blacksmith." Here's how the legend of the Crimea is connected with the renaming: Nomads, who invaded the Crimea, staged on the mountain Funa forge. Day and night, black-bearded blacksmith forged the weapons to destroy the surrounding population. Flame, Funy bubbling on top, water sources dried up.

Withered orchards and vineyards. In order to save the once flourishing valley and his fellow villagers, the elders went up the hill. They asked strangers to leave Funu, but were thrown into the fire. Then, in the smithy stood local girl Maria. Persistent gray elders had it in his conversation with the owner of the mountain. However, he did not heed her request, furious courage of Mary, bearded killed her. Rose ancient mountain against this evil, split from top to bottom, and absorbed the infernal smithy, a blacksmith and his henchmen turned into stone statues. Next to them the next morning, people found Mary.

She sat, too stone, but less e beautiful, than during his lifetime, his eyes fixed on the revival of the valley. The legend is generated by the bizarre stone pillars, pyramids, towers and ledges on the southern slopes of Mount Demerdzhi. This is a natural accumulation of rock carvings called Valley of Ghosts. It was formed as a result of centuries of weathering conglomerates – rocks that are stacked Demerdzhi. Their geological age, 160 million years.

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