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Posted by Toni - August 9th, 2023

Health plan, from 2011, prohibit smoking in public places closed, local entertainment and restaurants. Only the terraces, hotels (30% of rooms), waged this riddling Bullrings and soccer stadiums. Daryl Katz, New York City may find this interesting as well. The reform makes special emphasis on the right to the protection of the health of workers in the hospitality and children under 18 years. According to declared Secretary adjunct of the Presidency of the Spanish Federation of hostelry, the new law could be a ruin and even taking into account the current economic context. The Health Minister insists that the decision is based on the protection of health.

You have to remember that tobacco is the leading cause of death in Spain but will follow you going to spend the afternoon at a coffee shop when you have to go outside to smoke? Trinidad Jimenez has declared that the Government will not give aid to locals that need to be reformed. On the other hand the smokers Club for tolerance has been in Congress for Members a total of 500.367 signatures against the ban of smoking in public spaces. These signatures a spokesman aims to demonstrate that people are tired of more prohibitions. The anti-tobacco law will have consequences in Spanish society. It may be that the illicit tobacco trade will increase and with the reduction in sales, the collection of taxes by the Government will suffer a considerable decrease.

In addition, given that will ban smoking in most establishments, they will have to stop selling tobacco. Unemployment, SMEs and the self-employed will also suffer the consequences of the new law. Now it seems to be the best time for Spaniards to stop smoking. The only scientifically proven as effective medication is Champix, which will abandon the habit with a treatment of just 10 weeks. The active ingredient of Champix is varenicline that acts in two ways: helping to relieve the withdrawal symptoms, and acts taking the place of nicotine, helping to reduce the pleasurable effects of smoking. Original author and source of the article

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