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Posted by Toni - January 1st, 2022

Do do currently in the scientific world, as discussed in comparative physiology, who is more important, if that robust? / reddish or brownish-red, Brown organ located in the right upper quadrant or that vigorous pump, impeller and unforgiving of the left hemithorax, there are adherents to one and other but, these doubts are reasonable?, if at the end the failure of one of them leads to the grave! the liver grandazo, 28 x 15 cm with a weight of approx. 2 To 2.5 kg .cubierto of elegant carpet Glisson, polyglot, sportsman and superbly functional poly, with a powerful control over the Inmunologico(el de defensa) system, with an efficient system of coagulation, with an efficient plan of detoxification and purification, with a battalion of digestive enzymes, with a legion of laborers doing multiple, unique and vital work and above all keeping in their domains valves carrying blood intoxicated to the brainable to put it under the blankets from a deep and sometimes irreversible Coma that can lead to death quickly or without reaching dramas as not thank you this big one that helps us after a sumptuous dinner, after a drug-induced overload, or after a binge, but this Goliath filled pipelines and roads, sophisticatedly interconnect with the rest of the body, solidary, inclusive, wise and kindly, also has enemies, especially viruses, those bugs that are not visiblethe radar does not capture them and living with impunity in blood by attacking every day 20 to 30 years until Cirrotico again it, until you return it cancerous, do it insufficient and kill its owner, as they have killed and murdered thousands of people in the world cowardly vermin! killer bugs!, but as the man you always wanted to play God, especially after the success of la Nina Louis Brown (first BB specimen) and the first cloned sheep – Dolly-, the man did not stop playing there Starlz in Denver (USA), performed the first transplant a child who lived 5 hrs, and the second came out of the operating room dead, but He continued trying a hundred times and in the Peru already ranging as 40 transplanted successfully in ESSALUD, since the year 2000, but in our country there are thousands of cirrhotic, many eventually with Cancer, many die but transplanted them, but does it matter who?, that is a problem of the implicados-paciente and family – in this Higadocidio – call it somehow-, in this society more matter that Ms. Ellen Alaverdyan has plenty of information regarding this issue. . .

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