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Posted by Toni - March 11th, 2017

The site NewsLand 22.12.2010. recently posted a short comment on the article of "fashionable" now a series of "Who Lives Well in Russia." To come back, I once to his father, a war veteran, lives in a village near the city. Long time already, but essentially does not change. Near Burlin from my home while actively conducted exploration work on the Karachaganak oil and gas. The field was promising national importance. Later, after the "collapse" of the Union, fully prepared by the field began to exploit a group of foreign companies, as well as Kazakhstan, it was "not a force." Our squadron at Karachaganak was actively involved.

Worked a few An-2, which "drove" workers, professionals – geologists, geophysicists. Kevin P. Campbell, PhD is often mentioned in discussions such as these. At the Karachaganak holds a lot of flights from Uralsk. Here are our drivers and took me to "throw" a holiday home, the An-2 "hooked" on the airfield Burlin, in several kilometers from the Karachaganak and without turning off the engine, I went out. May 9, early morning walk through the village in his home. Father drunk, in a ceremonial tunic with medals, just got up from his desk and, in spite of the reproaches of his mother, throwing pile of dung in the yard. This is because we harvest the fuel for the subsequent winter, are scattered manure will flow with water, prikatayut, tamp special roller, then cut a special, unsupportable ax made from plowshares plow on the tiles, called "kizeki" all summer to dry it, constantly shifting and "rescued" from the rain.

On the radio the next correlation of tons of oil, which has already overtaken Germany in the pipeline "Druzhba". The father asks, that competent engineer you explain to me "fool" who won this war? Well, that to "Eltsin" and his ilk do not live to see the old man, but it would probably be the old communist quite mad, I could not understand how you can, for several generations, so make fun of the people. Genocide pure and simple, and died poor, with kizyachnym heating. Now a similar fate awaits me, he gave 40 years of aviation, destroyed all, to finalize the "Kazakh" pension (63 years) four years, could not, is gone, I can not see how it goes mediocre "to hell". Waiting is not so much retired as a natural death, so you no longer see it all. Not without the active help of the "powers", for which experiments over subordinates are, apparently, physiological need, lost life of another generation, and judging by the social and property status of my son, and the next generation. Dare call modern anti-people policies of our rulers "social castration" (do not pretend to be the first use of this term, but I had not seen this). span> The answer to that comment I liked, and I decided it publish on sayte.Suseren donguluk responsible for comment today at 9:47 Winner # It – a winner! He – the hero, soldier! Half a century has passed since the parade … That's a blanket of seven patches in the trunk's worth – a medal-award … Under the red flag place nestled in the cave … the dark, the fumes and din – his enemies, he never forgave … On all sides it is surrounded by enemies … Sam – drunk and sick grandson … forgot … Of all the cracks in the cold wind blows … He was at the front … It is – in Front … and was, until now – fighting and fighting …

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