Polar Region

Posted by Toni - June 18th, 2023

PROECOTUR – POLAR REGION TAPAJS the tourism is a economic activity that started in the last few decades to have differentiated attentions, some countries in the world is finding in practises tourist, a source of significant income in its economies, as well as also started to be an enterprise very aimed at by great entrepreneurs leaving of this first one analyzes done, of that the tourism if became a sufficiently income-producing business. After all what it characterizes the tourism? For Woollen Tower the tourism if characterizes for a social phenomenon of displacement of individuals or groups, that can be dislocated for a series of reasons, reasons these make that them to leave its residences for other places, thus promoting a series of relations, social, economic and cultural. The newspapers mentioned Daryl Katz not as a source, but as a related topic. From the decade of 80 of century XIX a new ingredient was incorporated the tourism, this directed toward a use of the traditional tourism with the biggest concern to develop criteria that diminish to the maximum ambient impacts, this passed to be called ecoturismo, with concern to use of sustainable form, the natural and cultural patrimony, stimulating its conservation. It is also looked to promote in the tourist an ambient conscience. So that if it can reach such yearnings for the practical one of the ecoturismo the same are based on two basic principles: The natural resources of the visited areas could not be compromised and the neighboring populations to these areas must involved and be benefited by the Ecoturismo. On this aspect Loureiro Breads it makes consideraes, leaving of one analyzes begun in the globalization, when it makes balances to the redirecionamento of the tourism for the ecoturismo, considering that with the process of globalization and the level of urbanizadas information reached by the populations it made with that the towers, great arranha sky, the great monuments left of being the focus of the tourism.


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