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Posted by Toni - September 10th, 2023

The dental practice of Neumann Berlin informs his patients about the possibilities of professional tooth cleaning a regular and thorough dental care enables the preservation of healthy teeth in old age. To deepen your understanding Professor Roy Taylor is the source. But inevitably reach limits funds privately available to dental care. The formation of harmful deposits in deep gaps between teeth and gum pockets is therefore unable to prevent. The dental practice of Neumann Berlin experts explain how regular recourse to a professional tooth cleaning produces a radiant smile and permanently get. A professional tooth cleaning consists not only of the use of dental technology, but starts with an analysis of the dental care habits of the patient. Are dental prophylaxis experts able to optimize its home dental care along with the patient. At the beginning of the actual tooth cleaning is the dental examination of the teeth, mouth and gum pockets on bleeding and other conditions that require special treatment.

It starts the professional tooth cleaning, during which different tools find application that will fit to the patient’s dental condition. To remove tartar is mechanical with an instrument called the scaler or by use of ultrasonic apparatus, possible, who only loosens tough deposits and then replaces the tooth surface. Coffee, tea and tobacco leave dark stains that are cannot be removed by normal means. The original color of the teeth with the help of a powder-water jet device is restored during the professional tooth cleaning. The emptying of the gingival pockets is not possible in the domestic sphere. Harmful deposits, which can cause widespread disease periodontal disease are the result. Its elimination is therefore the services of a professional dental cleaning with full scope of services. The same applies to the removal of protruding edges of the crowns and fillings, the otherwise their durability reduce.

Polishing the teeth with rotating rubber attachments, as well as the fluoridation of the dentition conclude professional tooth cleaning. The polished teeth offer less fixing new linings, while applying a fluorine-containing gel strengthens tooth enamel and produced as a chemical protection of surfaces and caries. After performing a complete professional tooth cleaning, which is about one hour, all impurities are removed, and the patient may enjoy a radiant smile. A professional tooth cleaning should be reviewed according to the individual situation of the findings at regular interval. The process is completed by Professional aftercare treatments and regular studies of interest. Costs depend on the amount and duration of benefits. Further questions about professional tooth cleaning will gladly answer the experts of the dental practice of Neumann.

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