Posted by Toni - June 18th, 2023

Sardinia and Sicily are two of the looked for destinies more for the vacations, especially during the summer season. Two islands very different to each other by its location, morphology, history, culture, traditions, enogatronoma, and very rich in at the same time suggestive and exciting places to visit, people to know, flavors, fragrances and colors to discover and to let themselves fascinate. Surely two unique earth in Italy, real treasures in the heart of the Mediterranean. Further details can be found at Newcastle University, an internet resource. These two territories are offered to be enjoyed in many different forms based on your tastes and needs. The idea of a unique tourism, in fact, has been surpassed by the one of a plural tourism. The type of tourism is different following diverse factors like the motivation to travel, the moment at which you decide to travel, whatever are the people who travel, the destiny, the type of lodging. This way we can speak of environmental tourism, coastal tourism, sport tourism, tourism of conferences. If we concentrated in the people who travel, it is possible to be spoken of group tourism, individual tourism or familiar tourism.

The vacations in family are the generalized idea more. The election of the lodging is the key element. The best way to organize a trip of this type is to have the greater number of services with contained costs. A town or floor of rent or the election of aparthotel is the best types of lodging. In this sense, I want to emphasize the strongpoints of aparthotel. These are structures that combine the independence that guarantees a house with the comforts and the services of a hotel.

Aparthoteles is adaptos lodgings to spend vacations in Sicily or Sardinia in the greater privacy with your family and near the most beautiful bath localities of both islands. An element that you do not have to neglect, that indicates the quality of the structure for a family, is the services that are offered to the children. Aparthotels more complete has sites destined to the animation, games and entertainment for the majority of the children. You can find many aparthoteles in Sardinia and Sicily with all the comforts to spend vacations funny and relajantes. In all the provinces of both regions lodging of this type can be found. The election of places to know is enormous. In Sardinia, for example, the zone that extends from San Teodoro to Palau emphasizes on all in terms of amount and variety of structures. In Sicily, however, a place with abundant election is the north, from Trapani to Messina. All the aparthoteles offer different apartments of size and type (studies, apartments of two or three atmospheres, suites). The offered services vary based on the prestige of the structure and target of the client towards whom goes. There are structures economic, and pleasant, at the same time clean and functional, that offer the essential, until arriving at more modern and expensive structures than they offer kitchens equipped with modern electric home appliances, TV via satellite, reproducer of DVD, conditioned air, ADSL, to name a few. Also you can find structures that offer agreements with solarium, gymnasiums, spas.


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