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Posted by Toni - December 10th, 2014

Today I’m going to talk about the 5 most common myths about diets for weight loss. Unfortunately, there is much incorrect information and people usually give you advice without knowing what to say. Diets can cause you harm and even make you gain weight, so it is important to know the following 5 myths about diets. Myth #1: Die of hunger have a caloric deficit is key in order to lose weight. When you begin to burn more calories than that they eat through daily diet, your body will begin to use stored fat for energy which will make you lose weight.

If you take this concept to the extreme and you die of hunger, it will do you lose a lot more weight? No! If you reduce too many calories, your metabolism will drop to conserve energy, which will cause a minor loss of weight. #2 Myth: Low carbohydrate diets although they lost a little fame, these diets are still very popular and people still believe that they can cure obesity. The low-carbohydrate diet works because at the eliminate carbohydrates from your diet, these eliminating many foods that you can eat, and therefore you end up eating less. If eat 2. 000 calories in a diet without carbohydrates or 2.

000 calories in a diet low in everything, you lose the same amount of kilos. #3 Myth: All junk food is bad there are health maniacs who continue to believe that any amount of junk food is unhealthy. It is not true at all. All meals can be enjoyed in moderation. The main function of food is making us happy and people who are not agreements probably have never tried a good piece of pizza. A meal begins to be unhealthy if eaten too. A couple of pieces of pizza is not problem, eating a whole box Yes.

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