Labor Relations

Posted by Toni - June 12th, 2020

Labour relations are an exception to the rule of consent, which is the cornerstone of the personal data protection rules. That means your empresano need the consent of their workers to treat their personal data (since derived from own work agreement), provided that such treatment is necessary to articulate the employment relationship and the data to be treated will be essential and necessary to carry out the employment relationship (i.e., name and surname, address(, NIF, etc.). However, your company is required to comply with sudeber to inform the worker (art. 5 of the LOPD), which should carry out to formalize the working relationship. Take note of the following tips for writing the document attesting that its employees have been duly informed: * title the document as information on the processing of personal data of employees. It is a formula more correct than, for example, the worker authorization or consent of the worker, because it is not requesting their consent, but to inform you about the treatment that will receive your personal data. ** Not to give excessive information in the clause and limited to inform you of points that compelled the art. 5 of the LOPD.

Give more information than necessary can lead to confusion and ultimately be counterproductive. * Once your employee has signed the document, keep it both in how digitized paper. This will be proof that it has complied with its obligation. To continue reading, click here.

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