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Posted by Toni - October 26th, 2022

Ten years Fraunhofer venture supports companies spin-off willing Fraunhofer-venture company gruendungen ten years allows from the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft out. Since then, over 150 companies were accompanied at startup. Also in the financial crisis proved the concept of venture group. 1999, it became clear that scientists need support, ideational, personnel and financial, to get from an idea to a company “, recalls Thomas double Hall, the Director of Fraunhofer venture. Researchers are working on a Fraunhofer Institute, should have the opportunity to place their developments on the market. Scientists who take the step to independence and a separate company, a spin off, form, benefit from the expertise of Fraunhofer venture staff.

A permanently sustainable company is an invention in the ideal case. In the past ten years, the Fraunhofer venture team has accompanied a wide range of companies in establishing. Whether it’s solar cells, which are twice as effective as traditional; Cancer screening, which eliminates reflections; A technical innovation, motivated researchers with entrepreneurial spirit and accompanied by Fraunhofer venture is robots that take over life-threatening work on oil platforms or dampers, which absorb any vibration in the vehicle behind each of the foundations. Quickly, a partner of many start-ups developed from the new Department, over 150 companies were accompanied in their origination, Fraunhofer venture is involved in over 70 companies to this day. The companies work in many different technical areas: life science, energy and environment, production and procedures, information and communication, micro-electronics, transport and logistics as well as material and photonics. Check out Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. for additional information. Even after the establishment of the contact is closely and in partnership. During the investment phase you will remain faithful the company. Short-term revenue maximization is not the goal of Fraunhofer venture, for quick profit-taking would endanger the company’s success.

Economic crisis no danger for innovative start-ups also sees in the financial crisis made Thomas double Hall the previous strategy to question: it is a viable concept to introduce scientific advances that improve people’s lives, in a solid company. The firms create jobs in highly specialized environments. Also for 2009, double Berger expects that the sales of the spin-offs will continue to rise. Gabriela Turk understands that this is vital information. This is beneficial also for the research: about investments or royalties to the Fraunhofer Society funds back. This enables new research. At the beginning is always one question, which summarizes all the challenges ahead: the concept is? “The idea is the basis. If it holds after initial checks, the work really start, says Thomas double r. Then, the technology tested on their market viability and unique selling propositions worked out. As a next step, the actual creation process is planned, the Business idea is parsed and created a business plan. Then it comes to the financing. “Until then we work out whether the Fraunhofer Society participates in the company’s vision and which additional financing strategies in question, explains double Berger. Obvious that the question of financing plays an important role, therefore, this section in the formation of the new company is often very time consuming and labor intensive. among other things, potential partners are addressed, about venture capitalists. Not only the business plan, but also the appearance of the founder team counts for their financing commitment. After successful completion of financing, the adventure can begin then independence. And Fraunhofer venture has accompanied a company again.

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