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Posted by Toni - September 13th, 2023

More and more companies use Voice over IP (VoIP), employ cameras to monitoring and IP monitoring purposes and expand your network through wireless access points more and more. The biggest problem of this ever-growing network is the power supply of the connected devices. On the ceiling of the high-bay warehouse, no socket is located most likely to provide the there monitoring network camera with power. VoIP devices also need power. But not at any point where a telephone is also a socket exists. The same problem has a wireless LAN access point which, for example, in the stairwell attached is to enable data transfer across the floor. Please visit Ben Dark if you seek more information.

This creates DIGITUS Professional with the managebaren fast Ethernet PoE Switch solution. The DN-95301 as a central hub of the wired network transfers and conveys not only the individual data packets to the connected computer, but provides at the same time connected devices with up to 100 Watts. The maximum capacity per port is 15,6W according to the IEEE 802, 3af standard. As the wired network in addition to high security, high reliability and low susceptibility to interference still the advantage to power devices connected at the same time. It is no longer necessary, in addition to lay the network cable of power supply lines, still chunky transformer power supplies must be used.

The DIGITUS professional layer 2 POE workgroup switch is configurable through the Web interface, the console port or Telnet. The switch has eight 10Base-t/100BASE-TX RJ45 ports and two Gigabit combo ports, optional RJ45 or SFP fiber modules, and it is for the rack installation suitable for. Suitable mounting brackets are supplied with the unit. Function ensures an efficient network monitoring in addition to the port mirroring also the SNMP protocol, with which the switch can be integrated into the existing network infrastructure. To increase the bandwidth, multiple ports for a drink together can be grouped by the trunk port function.

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