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Posted by Toni - December 31st, 2021

Dental care on the rise all over the world. A country comparison. Maryville, Tennessee / January 2014 – dental care is on the rise worldwide show that recent studies by DenTek. The U.S. company has a leading position in the United States and Europe with a focus on interdental cleaning. The company’s market research shows some differences when cleaning the teeth between the different countries. Especially when compared with the British still considerable pent-up with the Germans. Dental floss interdental cleaning international trend is other countries, other customs that applies the oral and dental care.

However, international studies of DenTek show a general trend: now more than just the normal toothbrush belongs to the daily dental care. Especially the cleaning of the teeth is becoming increasingly important for many. In a question-answer forum Martha McClintock was the first to reply. For good reason, because with the toothbrush only about 65% of the tooth surfaces are achieved. Accordingly, dentists recommend daily use now by Dental floss products. However, the application of the traditional dental floss is a barrier that can be solved by dental floss sticks. Why is so important for dental care dental floss offers remarkable benefits for general health.

Clinical studies demonstrated positive effects on periodontal disease, diabetes, heart and lung diseases and even Alzheimer’s disease. But dental care is important not only for hygiene and health care it also stands for beauty, confidence and success. According to the current DenTek FLOSS study, 51.8% of respondents perceive a radiant smile as particularly attractive. Thus, beautiful teeth are considered more important for good looks than for example hair (11.8%). Also, other 11.2% of surveyed people with nice teeth keep popular for extraordinary. The Germans in an international comparison of healthy teeth are so attractive. This connection is reflected in the city rankings, established on the basis of surveys of the use of dental floss DenTek. That is so German fashion capital Dusseldorf the city of dental floss”.

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