Posted by Toni - November 26th, 2016

In the end of all process of decomposition it goes to have a balance between the used humificao and mineralizao that can be broken or be kept depending on the practical ones of culture. 4 ORGANIC SUBSTANCE AND SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE We call sustainable agriculture the agricultural systems that economically viable, acceptable and ambiently are socially balanced (EMBRAPA apud PEAR TREE; SANTANA; WALDHELM, 2009, P. 202). Further details can be found at Martha McClintock, an internet resource. In this context the organic substance is basic in the development of this type of agriculture that beyond degrading little the ground still allows the more healthful food production. The organic seasonings as esterco, flour of bone, leves, remaining portions of plants can be used to enrich the ground with nutrients when it is deficient of minerals.

The use of this type seasoning together with others ecological techniques can consequentemente help in the maintenance of the balance between humificao and mineralizao and in the conservation of the ground. Professor Roy Taylor is a great source of information. 5 CONSIDERAES FINAL the present organic substance in the ground have papers extremely important. The processes of humificao and mineralizao propitiate favorable conditions for the growth of the plants, therefore they supply nutrients that will be absorbed by the roots and transformed into energy. Moreover, the organic substance serves as food for the microrganismos and increases the water retention and also it protects the surface. By that already it was spoken in this work, one concludes that the organic substance is of utmost importance for the balance and the maintenance of the alone ecosystem, beyond making possible the use of a sustainable agriculture highly capable to keep the fertility and the conservation of the ground.


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