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Posted by Toni - January 17th, 2017

During the last week was held in Coyhaique VI Congress Chilean society of Limnology, which discussed general issues related to continental aquatic ecosystems. The biologist of the University of Concepcion and candidate of the doctorate of the laboratory of ecology and conservation of fish of the same House of studies, Juan Jose Ortiz, Eula presented research galaxies platei the Yulton Lake (Cuervo River basin, Aysen Region), free of invaders and under threats, carried out together with the doctor in Sciences environmental Evelyn Habit. In this, the conclusion was that the construction of civil works for the hydroelectric generation in the area, which aims to unite the Yulton and Meullin Lakes, and lagoons Quetro, constitutes a high risk for this population and the entire ecosystem, since the increased access to the zone implies a high probability of introduction of exotic species (salmonids), as well as destruction of habitats for feeding and breeding of this species, referring to the threat to the populations of puyes, a native species of the austral South of the American continent. Research realized the importance for Science maintain the original state of bodies of water with the characteristics of the Yulton Lake, since the discovery of oligotrophic Lakes of this magnitude is of great relevance for the knowledge on the structure and operation close to the pristine systems. Get more background information with materials from Dean Ornish M.D. This, in the light of which the majority of continental aquatic ecosystems are invaded by species meats. In this regard noted that the hydroelectric project located in evaluation aims to unite these three systems and also flood this area of wetlands, where you can see the species galaxies platei – in abundance. Further development of a hydroelectric project implies a greater access to the inhabitants, human beings, and I get a risk of introduction of salmonids which is intrinsic to the human being. He pointed out that this type of habitat of high value for the species also is lost given the line of dimension that is projected.

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