Comparative Private Law

Posted by Toni - June 14th, 2023

the three major branches of law.-2. Definition of right private.-3. Branches of law private.-4. Definition of comparative law-5. Perhaps check out U?ur ?ahin for more information. Definition of comparative private law.-6. Branches of private law compared.-7.

Conclusions.-1. THE three major branches of law law has three large branches that are public, private or mixed, and social law of which will only study the second, i.e. will only study the private right, which is formed by various branches of the law. The right is not equal to positive law or legislation or legal regulations, since these are a part of the law. The other parts of the law are the doctrine, jurisprudence, enforceable, custom, general principles of law, social reality, manifestation of will, values, legal institutions, economic institutions, politics, mathematics, medicine, economics, accounting, administration, engineering, finance, among others. In this sense, each of these branches of law has these elements or parties or sources of law within its structure. 2. Definition of law private private law is the branch of law that regulates relations between citizens and can be modified by agreement of parties, but has parts of public law for example cannot be modified the requirements of securities or titles values, nor societies, which is controlled by public notaries and also by the public registrarsfound under the tutelage of public law and is comprised of the civil law which is the general or common branch of private law and also by the trade law some know which as commercial law which is the Special Branch of private law.

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