Posted by Toni - February 24th, 2018

THE IMPORTANCE OF THE FAMILIAR ONES IN THE TREATMENT OF THE MEMBER OF THE CARRYING FAMILY OF SCHIZOPHRENIA. Cintia Cristiane Edilson Ednamar Eliene Mnica Emerson Mafia SUMMARY For being considered a incapacitante insanity and also of chronic course, the schizophrenia deserves an attention special, due its consequences. Ahead of this, the family exerts a paper of basic importance in the treatment of the carrying member of such illness. With this, the work has as objective generality to know the importance of the familiar ones in the treatment of the member of the carrying family of schizophrenia. specific: to know the types of schizophrenias; To elucidate the knowledge about the treatment of the schizophrenia; To know the paper of the family and the nursing before the schizophrenias. Having as problematic the fact of the family many times not to contribute of form adjusted for the whitewashing of its carrying member of such pathology. Read additional details here: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr..

For concretion of the work a exploratria research of qualitative nature was used. One perceived that the family is the main link between the mental sick person and the treatment and that many families do not insert themselves in this perspective of the form as would have. WORDS KEY: Nursing, family, schizophrenia. INTRODUCTION the schizophrenia is considered a chronic illness, with great evidences in the current days, considered, many times incapacitante, fitting to familiar of the carriers the care stops with the same ones, because, generally the carrier is disorganized dependent and. It fits to the family, still, to promote the contact between the sick person and the existing services of health, functioning as a link. ' ' Characteristic the affective envolvement of the familiar bows of some form guides the attempts of agreement and the brainstormings for many pertinent questions to the conviviality with familiar doente' ' (VILLARES, 1999). The schizophrenias are divided in five types: Paranide; hebefrnica; catatnica; simple and residual.


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