Bone Regeneration

Posted by Toni - August 14th, 2023

Help for patients with removable dentures, and for the preservation of the bone after tooth extraction many know the problem. At some point, a tooth must be removed. As long as it remains at one of the problem is easy to solve. If the tooth within the row of teeth is missing, there are more elegant solutions such as a bridge or an implant. It is difficult, if missing teeth reduce the row of teeth and thus lost one side of the bridge support. Just as problematic is when a tooth is missing and the neighbouring teeth are perfectly healthy. A tooth is gone once, good advice is expensive. He is not only expensive in terms of financial, it is also “expensive” in terms of “How do I get best possible me my remaining teeth.

Like, nobody loses his teeth. A solution through the implant. (Please the technique so imagine: an anchor “like a plug in the wall”). This is however only possible if sufficient bone is present. Is no longer possible the implant or the bridge, then remains only the removable prosthesis.

So the dilemma is then often beginning. Not only that these removable chewing comfort of fixed dentures have never the, these prostheses for the attributes “alt” are “cheap” and also “unaesthetic”. It many mental problems come to the fore. Prior to such inconvenience no longer to accept bone structure, an American company for the development of a product has engaged, which closes this gap. Due to long researches it is managed (recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein 2) for bone regeneration to use the so-called “rh bmp2”. Will be using this product from the own bone cells more blood on the Operationsort storage. It promotes bone formation from her own bone and the patients have no foreign bones or another third-party material in itself at the end. The newly formed bone is just as stable as the original bone at this point. Often, he is even denser, and therefore suitable for implantation. The material was developed for injuries of the spine and the shins. Since bone but has always the same advance set tongue in the body, the use of the dentistry is obvious. Get all the facts and insights with Newcastle University, another great source of information. A few few dentists have recognized the preferential properties of Robert “rh bmp2” and use this for the benefit of patients. The following pictures show you that how well bone defects can be regenerate, again allowing implantation. I have best experience in single tooth loss with strong bone collapses. In all cases, more bone for regeneration was present as before extraction.

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