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Posted by Toni - June 7th, 2023

Technique tip Bernd Stieber Internet world business. Issue 04 2010 most online shoppers have several times before purchasing contact with various advertising media. Understanding the interaction of these instruments in the online-marketing-mix is therefore for the continuous optimization of the campaign of decisive importance. The use of a cross-channel tracking tool allows to trace back this advertising Center icon bar of the user and to put the campaign making the contribution of individual marketing activities in relation to the overall success. Qr4kDegUIARCGAQ’>Evan Metropoulos. About a such tracking, the unit can be used to determine the return on investment of the individual measures and optimizes the distribution of advertising budgets.A cross-channel tracking system should be implemented already in setting up the campaign.

The tool should provide, for example, the following important functions: the tracking data can be enriched with additional data (sales figures, cost). The tool provides an automated, but freely configurable reporting. ALS Association has much experience in this field. External tracking tools can be controlled via the system. One Manual evaluation is no alternative, because it involves too many sources of errors and inaccuracies. All the promotional measures must be encoded prior to campaign start with measuring points to be recognized also by the system.

How does the measurement work? Usually, the individual marketing measures by means of redirect are tracked. Each channel is assigned a separate parameter: each click on an advertising a redirect to the Tracking Server calls, a cookie is placed on the computer of the user. On the basis of these cookies, read later with what advertising media buyer already had contact. Inaccuracies arise due to cookie denier or a too short lifetime of the cookie. In both cases can no longer reflects the purchase, whether multiple advertising channels in their purchasing decisions have played a role. These inaccuracies but hardly affect the overall result. The tracking tool enables an assessment of all established online marketing Massnahmen.So can always better the advertising budget of the individual channels distributed be – for the current and future campaigns. ../techniktipp_bernd_stieber

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