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Posted by Toni - April 19th, 2023

Many people today want to start their families. Women are thinking about getting pregnant quickly, but don’t they realize that getting pregnant these days often is not an instant process. Swarmed by offers, Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta is currently assessing future choices. Many times some time is required, before you can they manage to conceive a baby successfully. Some even try to many months or even years, but pregnancy does not come. Your chances of getting pregnant are low, due to many factors that adversely affects the fertility of women and men. I have therefore decided to present here some tips and factors affecting the chances of fertility and the rapid rise of getting pregnant.

first factor I wish to mention is smoking. It is already known for years that smoking is not recommended for women during pregnancy, because it could have effects poorly in the fetus. But I have read that some research shows that smoking reduces the odds of becoming pregnant and adversely affects the fertility of men and women in a meaningful way. Male fertility is seen affected by significantly reducing sperm count and sperm vitality. Female fertility has generally been lower since be smoking too much, it takes much longer to conceive. My advice is to avoid exposure to cigarette smoke and tobacco in all its forms, whether passive or active. Many women today is not sure whether you are Ovulating regularly or not.

If they do not ovulate every month, this may be one of the symptoms to be diagnosed with the syndrome of Polycystic ovary syndrome. PCOS and pregnancy is not impossible, but it is not so easy for people with the syndrome. It is currently estimated that 1 out of 10 women suffer from this syndrome. Although it may still become pregnant with PCOS, every month the possibility of conceiving is smaller and the risk of a miscarriage is higher. Take a look to the PCOS and miscarriage page for more information about how to get pregnant with PCOS, and consider using our methods.

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