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In the past this method are widely used for treatment of industrial effluents. The essence of the chemical method is that the waste water treatment plants in making the reagents. They react with dissolved and undissolved pollutants and contribute to their loss in the landfill, where they are removed by mechanical means. Get all the facts and insights with Caldwell Esselstyn Jr., another great source of information. But this method is not suitable for wastewater containing a large number of diverse pollutants. To clean industrial wastes of complex composition is used electrolytic (physical) method. In this method an electric current is passed through effluents, which leads to the loss of most pollutants in the sediment. Electrolytic method is very efficient and requires relatively little cost for the construction of sewage treatment plants.

For example, in Karasuk (locomotive depot) using this method has achieved a very high degree of wastewater treatment. When cleaning the sewage best results are obtained by a biological method. In this case, the mineralization of organic pollutants using aerobic biological processes are carried out by microorganisms. Biological method is used in conditions close to natural as well as in special facilities. In the first case of household domestic waste water supplied to the field of irrigation. Here the wastewater is filtered through soils and thus are bacterial clearance. In the fields of irrigation accumulates a huge amount of organic fertilizer, which allows them to grow high yields. Complex system of biological treatment polluted Rhine water for water supply of several cities of the country to develop and apply the Dutch. On the Rhine, built pumping stations with a partial purification filters.


My Story Of Weight Battle

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My name is Angelika, my battle with weight all started when I was pregnant with my first child. I won a lot of weight during pregnancy and after rather than lose, I felt like I was getting fatter and more. I tried all the resources: pills, exercise, low carb, South Beach diet, patches. If I did lose some weight it was just very short term and soon after ended with an equal weight as before the diet. At one point my weight gain led me to the doctors and was diagnosed with insulin hyper hyperglycemia.

Everyone said it was the fact that the overproduction of insulin would be very difficult to keep weight down. I never gave up though, because it was so difficult to live with excess body weight, surrounded by friends and relatives thin, which only told me I had to eat less, without fully understanding my condition. In the summer of 2003 reached 260 pounds, at that moment I knew I had to take more drastic option I started looking for the option in the weight loss surgery. At that time the most popular choice was the gastric bypass, but it was very alarming to me that the mortality rate is 1% and one of my coworkers who had done everything he told me what happened and showed me the scar. By the same author: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr.. It seemed that life after gastric bypass was not so simple as mentioned in the medical websites.

She suffered from digestive problems, sensitivity to many foods, hair loss, anemia, and after everything that happened never lost any weight. He said that at one point just stopped losing weight. While doing research I found la Lap Band or Gastric Band, the procedure was safe, minimally invasive, adjustable and affordable. Also, it should not be much time away from work and based on what I read would be safe to have another child in the future. When I found the website of Dr. Arturo Rodriguez, impressed me a lot of credentials and diplomas and though I had doctors available closer to , I traveled to Monterrey. I was a little scared, but I did not want the fear metiera between me and my goals. So I booked for the earliest date, so I did not have to think about it and just get it. As I write my story is my six years since I have the band. I can not say how many ways the weight loss has improved my life. What makes the band, mostly to the success for me is that I managed to keep the weight off for almost five years and the fact that I am currently five months pregnant and the band is not interfering in any way and am going through a healthy pregnancy. Thanks Dr. Arthur. I could never have done it without your help. Surgeon as obesity surgery and gastric band gastric sleeve.


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