The Pedicure – A Treat For Your Feet !

Posted by Toni - November 29th, 2015

We so often our feet for granted as we carry around each and every day. We care about our hair and faces but tend not to give our feet a second thought. Until the time comes when you get a rest as sore arches or even a foot more serous condition. The care of our feet with a normal pedicure will add more than PEP in its path, but also keeps some of the unhealthy foot conditions at bay. Beautiful and well cared for feet are more than a feast for the eyes. A pedicure can be a wonderful way of pampering, but it can lift your spirits and soothe your feet at the same time. If you choose a full spa pedicure or opt for home treatment your feet will thank you! Pedicure: Ultimate pampering at home or in a spa.

At home or the home spa with a comfortable place to sit. A footbath or large bowl filled with hot water and minerals, perhaps therapeutic. As you soak your feet for 10 minutes or so, listening to music, reading a book or simply relax and enjoy the feeling of water. 2. Remove feet from the water and dry with a soft clean towel. Clip and file the toenails carefully and clean gently around cuticles. Rinse feet and pat dry gently. 3.

While your feet are still wet apply a foot massage to remove corns or calluses from the areas around the heel in particular. A pumice stone can also be used at this point. Wash your feet in hot water. Wipe feet dry paying special attention to areas between the toes. 4. Apply a good moisturizer or lotion to the feet and ankle area. Stokes constant foot massage gives a relaxing and therapeutic treatment. Allow the lotion or cream moisturizer to absorb into the skin. 5. Leave toes natural or apply nail polish nails. Foot Notes: Schedule your spa pedicure in advance. Many spas and salons take walk in customers, however, have less stress and fewer possibilities of a long wait, if you make an appointment in advance. Bring a pair of sandals with fully open fingers. Allow time for your pedicure. You can do in 30-40 minutes, however, does not want to rush and you want to make sure your toe nail polish is completely dry before you leave. Note that you can sit in an open area with feet elevated. For your own comfort plan what you wear accordingly! Spas in Spain and kocsi Copyright 2005 Angie is co-founder of After many years enjoying spas in Europe and drawing upon her knowledge of business along a successful career in Public Relations and International Marketing was created. The Spas in Canada website provides a place where premier spas and industry professionals offer useful information for all spa lovers everywhere. For information on where to find first class and what to expect from the experience of contact with spa equipment.