Spiritual Being

Posted by Toni - December 28th, 2013

The meditation, oration and contemplation allow an enormous connection us with God, every day that we slept we entered other states of our body, we entered to our subconscious mind and the unconscious one, then when we finished rising he is a little while opportune to enter information to our subconscious mind, is for that reason that the oration at dawn is quite effective. Each of us we have the capacity to program great desires, if we used the suitable techniques the results can appear more quickly, in fact we can be controlling our life little by little, until obtaining wonderful dominions of our acts and conditions. Consciously often it costs to understand these procedures to us, but once we have implorado to our inner power east will be pronounced of good form. What yes it is certain and we must consider it is that the subconscious mind is influenciable and is there where the ideas must be introduced that we wished for our life, for example the emotions are essential so that the power acts in our favor, in book the Secret of the Power of Metas de Andrew Corentt shows a detailed process to us to escudriar in our interior in order to find our passions, that is one of high strategy for the success, to define goals altogether harmony with our inner state, in this book you will be able to define his intentions with clarity and will feel an extraordinary emotion to fight reason why she wishes. Motivation is intimately ligature to do things that they give us happiness, if you are in an idea that is not in harmony with its own one being then is limiting the inner power, simply are no positive emotions, the joy to do something that is loved, then knows that the happiness is fundamental to accede to the power of the subconscious mind and that acts to our favor.

We every day have access to our subconscious mind and to the unconsciousness also, this happens when we slept, is for that reason that the oration and the deep meditation have a great power because is based on the idea to extinguish the senses and to enter to our interior, in the book I Am Happy, I Am Rico are powerful techniques to accede to our interior and to program our desires of very subtle and effective way. When we rose or we are on the verge of sleeping to us, our conscious and subconscious mind is connected and is the moment for programming information, therefore powerful affirmations are structured and it is possible to be entered our desires. Also when we are in a situation of then emergencia the subconscious mind also acts with being able, it is why some cases we felt that the time pauses and in fact thus it happens, all this to give the possibility of making right decisions in few seconds. The mysteries of the operation of the universe are exciting, every day happen events and phenomenal circumstances, in the book I Am Happy, I I am Rico you you will know great secrets and mysteries developings on the creation the reality and most important she is than she will be able to undergo a fabulous life obtaining everything what you wish, because she will understand that you are creating his own reality.

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Spain Viscoelastic

Posted by Toni - December 27th, 2013

Visco-elastic, visco-elastic or viscoelastic is a synthetic material developed at NASA around 60. The viscoelastic material is used to counteract the effects of gravity on the takeoff of the spacecraft.The effect of memory foam is a behaviour that present certain materials that exhibit both elastic as viscous properties by deforming.The first uses of the viscoelastic material were in mattresses to hospitals because that relieved the pressure exerted by the body in zones swollen and delicate; around the Decade of the 1990s it was possible to buy mattresses in any shop dedescanso in Spain.The density of foam mattresses viscoelastic is measured in kg/m, this determines that the mattress is harder or softer. Varies between 18 kg/m and 90 kg/m depending upon stiffness desired sleeper (greater greater kg/m is the rigidity and lower porosity of) memory foam). Some of the advantages of the viscoelastic material are that: decreases the muscular and nervous tension, eliminates pressure points, regulates body temperature and optimises blood circulation. There are currently two types of viscoelastic mattresses and are differentiated by the way they are manufactured: hand foamed elviscoelastico, in which a chemical is added to the viscoelastic and reacts to grow, as does not use a mold, grows unlimitedly. Its structure is open pore and once done the process, is cut to the desired extent.

On the other hand, in the moulded viscoelastic performs the same manufacturing process but uses a mold, then the material grows up mold allowing you. Generating a viscoelastic with closed pore or with one pore less than the previous process. This process influences the homogeneity of the density of the viscoelastic. The higher is the density, we will have a greater sense viscoelastic. Pore size also influences the air circulation in the material, in the delespumado case, the movement is faster, in molding it is slower.

Missing Home

Posted by Toni - December 17th, 2013

Homesickness is not to know what to make with the days that had been more long. Homesickness is not to know as to find tasks that cease it the thought. Homesickness is not to know as to stop ahead with the tears of that music. Homesickness is not to know as to fill a silence that aches. The homesickness is our soul in saying for where it wants to come back. The homesickness is something that never we forget for more far than it is always will be in the thought. It does not want to say that we are separate more yes that one day we were together. The homesickness was not made pra to suffer, and yes pra we discover how much we like somebody, the time does not stop, your lack only is that it makes with that the things stop in the time! Sincerely what more I have homesickness was of the dreams of a life where people were happy without knowing! EWALD KOCH