Las Lilas

Posted by Toni - November 30th, 2013

In the town of the lilacs. In the town of the LILACS, the wind whispers between algebras and aortas.It has chaque of short sleeves, and pants with pockets on the outside, are filled with harangues. Head sand coming from the desert, and clears the memory used beret checkered where plays Coquette. In the lilac city, there are reefs in the pavement and arsenic in the corners. The footprint that leaves the decompensation in nurseries is red and cats loose hairs, enmadejan as small balls of intense grey. The temperature is extreme, and grips which vile crab.

Hides the bota highlights the sandal, wrap is nested, and the casting of the coccyx is exposed bone to bone, slope and Cliff. The nobleman and the villain, the courteous and disoriented, was autoinyectan screens of embarrassing fears and dislexias. The day progresses on the pavement, and there is fear pantry hecatombs that violate dreams… In the city of lilac, dominate them, the tremulous consciousness and of rude monstrosity, which hit every day evening the Red pitchers. They condemn epitaphs that has no rest, but lightning and hymns they broken afflicts and thirsty reflection, are like piranhas who open their mouths and added foams. In the lilac city, they end up with everything: chess and the concerned neighborhood, with cornices and road runner in the lilac city, keys osn of oak and Oaks stand his cuirass.

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Visionary Of Peace

Posted by Toni - November 12th, 2013

The plan de Dios sonnet ensures happy Diners well sumo, remedy for their ills, Adventures of love and power Saboreado in dishes of knowledge. Sharing with being immortal like God’s Angels spiritual body and soul without other necessary, God’s eternal life is your pleasure. Divine sublimates the senses body and soul enjoy insubstantial in the Party of God, endless. Humanity, the assembled angels and one only love all United, o eternity, divine and adorable! Admission to paradise sonnet Ni never blooms and neither dares and the good fruit on their branches or appoints him, it is only the bad tree complaint when it rains and winter in summer not amazes him. She likes the Sun and water is drunk to bear good fruit and good shade, good tree grows as it should and the traveler you like, Dios is surprised. Or like the birds to nest, to the view that grows twisted belongs without doubt to the trash! And the good tree nursery that you enjoy forever blessed, ensures it opened to paradise with! haste! The truth without error sonnet is mistake the truth not well known absolute and perfect not understood, never understand his full understanding neither senses nor human thought. The spiral truth of each thing and allegorical rose petals, incredible Garden by flourish partial light when it begins to dawn.

Oh beauty truth and tottering splendor allegory and poetry by hiding the magic that I suspect! Vision of love, total wisdom, meet the fate thou shalt make a fact, come perfect whatsoever to our chest!! Blessed peace on Earth sonnet earth mother of five continents, America, shares their sources! All colors beautiful light will tell you, bold and beautiful peace. Birds that so many people find and thousands peace in thousand currents, lights under the Sun all the Earth with a cry of peace against the war. When it wins peace no one becomes irritated and terror moves away and it banishes, see victory and raise your flag! Freedom and equity, glow colors, Will be the reality that the world screams human dignity and its values! Homage to the Earth sonnet homage to the land that sanctuary is low Groove, seeds of Rosary and Orchestra of the space itself-flat, great Hercules, the Sun Constellation. Mother Earth which pairs in the agro human life which is all a great miracle, spontaneous in the fields without control or at the bottom of the sea without mirasol. Child your sing do re me that to date, it lives only here, consents to the man with the adverse wind. Your small greatness is a great verse from life than the he made and done in thee, God lives, as much of the universe!